Cheryl Gould - The Library is Open ep. 22 -

23m | Apr 24, 2020

We are happy to announce our newest session of The Library is Open Podcast! Today’s session features an interview with Cheryl Gould, learning facilitator and training consultant with Fully Engaged Libraries. Listen as Jessie, Nate and Cheryl discuss change management, communication methods, invigorating organizational culture and preparing for the unexpected.

About Cheryl Gould

Cheryl Gould is a learning facilitator and training consultant who believes in the transformative role libraries can play in their communities. Cheryl’s professional role is to help libraries with the culture shift required to move from an institution that provides access to resources to one that promotes conversation, learning and engagement at all levels. Cheryl’s ability to connect people and ideas, to facilitate conversation and to enhance learning has been demonstrated through 17 years of working with libraries in thousands of hours of consulting,mentoring and training. Her passion for learning, crossed with current developments in neuroscience and her involvement with Applied Improvisation to create library cultures of “Yes, And…” defines her work.

You can read more about Cheryl through her website, Fully Engaged Libraries

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