49 | 11 Protocols for Revising Creative Work

41m | Jan 10, 2024

You have probably heard the phrase “writing is revision,” but how do you actually revise? What does good revision — practically speaking — look like? 

In this episode of The Craft, Carter and Colby discus the central protocols that drive their revision processes. The conversation includes both paradigmatic approaches and practical tactics. 



0:00 Introduction

1:59 Protocol 1: Separate creation and revision

2:28 Protocol 2: Accept the iterative process

6:24 Protocol 3: What is the work actually doing?

9:20 Protocol 4: Find root problems

11:40 Protocol 5: Movement

13:29 Protocol 6: The Car Test

16:22 Protocol 7: Transitions

20:44 Protocol 8: Necessity

27:01 Protocol 9: References

29:35 Protocol 10: Work Destructively

33:32 Protocol 11: Collaborate

39:35 Conclusion 


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The Craft: Exploring the Creative Process