34 | Tyler Johnson (Cofounder of KING ZEHN)

47m | Jun 14, 2023

In this episode of The Craft, Colby and Carter sit down with Tyler Johnson. Tyler is a filmmaker and creator from Roanoke, Virginia who is currently working out of Nashville, Tennesee. He is the co-founder of KING ZEHN Entertainment. Focusing primarily on real-time comedy sketches, King Zehn has established a large presence in the realm of short-form, creative content. They currently have over 174 million views on YouTube and 900k followers on TikTok. 

Their conversation explores Tyler’s creative process and revision strategy. They also discuss the business aspects of King Zehn, exploring the differences between platforms and monetization avenues. 


0:00 - Introduction 

3:00 - Generating new ideas

5:20 - Dealing with creative constraints 

7:44 - Finding his craft

8:49 - Framing and shot design 

10:10 - Editing process and revision 

12:00 - Developing a YouTube presence

14:13 - Understanding audiences across platforms 

18:00 - Developing King Zehn into a viable business 

20:56 - Exploring the future of King Zehn

25:19 - Appreciating creative influences 

26:27 - Explaining the usual workday

30:38 - Thinking through algorithms 

34:14 - Considering the “subscriber” model 

35:13 - Developing products 

36:40 - Sustaining as a creative

41:17 - Working through creative burnout 

43:15 - Knowing how to get started 

45:44 - Supporting their work 

King Zehn 




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