37 | Can You Grow Your Audience Without Selling Out?

47m | Jul 26, 2023

Can you grow your audience without “selling out”? 

In this episode of The Craft, Carter and Colby discuss creative growth, outlining its healthy and malignant forms. They begin the conversation by defining growth and then identify two specific problems: 1) sleazy growth 2) personal vulnerability. They explore principles for healthy growth and discuss ways that creatives can mitigate the fear of increased publicity. They conclude by discussing marketing models that can help direct your efforts toward creating meaningful engagement with an ideal audience.



0:00 Introduction 

1:34 Defining growth 

4:23 Two problems of growth 

7:37 Marketing funnel 

10:41 1st principle: Put growth in its place

13:47 2nd principle: Prioritize the product

23:40 Metrics for growth 

27:30 Growing in good faith 

33:00 The vulnerability of growth

37:13 Marketing models for growth



The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman

Chapter 2 of The Personal MBA: Marketing


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