Becoming with Crystal Matong

Welcome to Becoming, a podcast hosted by the ever vibrant blogger, model, BA Communication Science student and now podcast host Crystal Matt. If you are looking to better yourself and live your life to the brim without feeling apologetic about who you are, then this space is definitely for you. It will equip you with tools to help you navigate through life and to inspire you to take action towards the person you aspire to become. I leave you with these 2 words that perfectly fit this podcast and overall brand: inspirational and ethereal


8. SEASON FINALE: 08 Lessons of 2021
Show Details22min 54s
7. Own your Day: Structure & Routine
Show Details35min 12s
6. Growing into Yourself
Show Details31min 13s
5. The Importance of Setting Boundaries
Show Details32min 3s
4. 10 Things Worth Thinking About
Show Details18min 56s
3. Are you Emotionally Intelligent?
Show Details32min 42s
2. What It Truly Means To Love Yourself: Self-awareness, Mindfulness, Mental Health...
Show Details25min
1. JUST START: Allow Yourself to Be a Beginner
Show Details11min 46s
Welcome to Becoming
Show Details1min 13s