Dove and Dragon Radio with host M.L.Ruscsak and guest Douglas Weissman

27m | Mar 20, 2023

The episode of Dragon Radio starts with the host, ML Ruscsak, introducing the special guest, Douglas Weisman, who is a writer. Douglas shares that he has always been compelled by stories and loved to listen and retell them. He started writing stories in 2006, initially doing fan fiction, but later committed to writing as his career. Douglas shares his experience of facing naysayers who discouraged him from pursuing writing as a career. He shares that he had to work hard to get his first book published, which took him around 10 years. His most recent book, 'Life Between Seconds,' came out in November 2022. The conversation delves into the writing process, editing, and the pains of finding a publisher. Douglas emphasizes the importance of the revision process in storytelling and mentions that his most recent book went through 11 drafts before getting published.

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