A Simple Plan: Part 1 (with Rafi D'Angelo)

55m | Jun 8, 2024

Sarah watches the OC trailer and immediately books an Uber Pool to the moon (what better location to dance with franchise stars, especially with BravoCon 2024's location confirmed as "your heart"). Deflated a bit by some of the stressors in Franklin Lakes, she takes a Via back to earth, thankful for a *two-hour* double episode with one of her absolute fave Bravoholic voices: writer Rafi D'Angelo ( They settle in for a wild and winding agent-of-chaos two-parter ep: an alternate universe in which Alexis doesn't date Shan's ex, the instinctive right choice of casting OC newbie Katie, a possibly surprising choice of who should remain on RHONJ following a likely cast cull, the difficulty of relying on a “by any means necessary” ethos as Bravoholics (and at the polls), the importance of being able to tolerate discomfort, who is truly the impediment to plot on NJ, Jackie's choices with Tre and Jen vs. Marg and Meliss, and ya know, the joy of a TV screen that fills the room and spirit. And, yes, Bethenny v Chanel. Louis may not love this episode, maybe he just needs to take a different kind of walk - it's Andy's Girls, Episode 545, Part 1!

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