Something's Gotta Give (with Kate Aurthur and Louis Staples)

1h 25m | Jun 11, 2024

Sarah puts out the #writergirl bat call, after reading a thinly disguised anon quote from Carole about Andy in New York Magazine. Her dream team assembles on Zoom, bts tea in hand: Kate Aurthur (Variety's editor-at-large) and Louis Staples (writer and Housewives anthropologist). They stretch their writer/analysis muscles, tell Aviva's ghostwriter she's not needed, and deep dive into all things VPR, The Valley, and Summer House. It's a true mention it all: inside scoop following Kate's moderation of a Variety reality TV panel (with Alex Baskin, natch), which Pump Rules star made the surprising decision to decline a Variety interview (...), the impact of podcast pollution on VPR's ecosystem, why The Valley serves as a helpful form of birth control (and the joys of staying single vs. being married to Jax), confirmation from Kate about what really happened between Janet and Zack after finale cameras went down, and, of course, some feedback on Ciara and West. The Scandoval era may be winding down, but this convo is just getting started - it's Andy's Girls, Episode 546!

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