We Come to This Place for Magic: Part 2 of the Summer House Reunion

1h 12m | Jun 14, 2024

Summer, summer, summerrrtiiiiime. Sarah watches the Summer House reunion's grand finale (completely unacceptable it wasn't at least 17 eps), and runs to send production a jackhole of the day award for some of the narrative expressed. And, ya know, some good stuff. She mentions it all: a confoundingly consistent male gaze over women on Summer House (and VPR) that takes the majority-women audience for granted (#representationmatters when actually formulating the Qs asked, as well as what's edited), Kyle's inconsistent rage against Lindsay (a re-direct away from himself?), Amanda's openness about her struggles with anxiety and depression, a lack of depth around Lindsay that's more than afforded to Carl, Danielle, future YouTube viral sensation, and the problem with applying the Sandoval Scale on West. What would Jesse Solomon do? Say: it's Andy's Girls, Episode 547!

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