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Episode 157
13m | Dec 9, 2023

Escapades of Letter C is a story of Alphabet C's positive attitude when faced with a difficult time while going to the circus.

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Once a farmer lived on a big farm on the outskirts of the city with his wife and two children, Cocco and Camy. And there was alphabet C that stayed with them too. Camy, the younger of the two children carried Alphabet C everywhere.

The farmer often went to the city to get seeds, manure, and other things needed on the farm.

One day, when the farmer returned from one such trip to the city, he exclaimed, “There is a circus running in the city!”

Cocco and Camy were very excited. Mummy was milking the cow and when she returned, both the kids shouted in delight, “Mummy! May we please go to the circus? Please, please!”

“Sure! That will be fun,” answered mummy hugging the children.

Alphabet C, who was listening to all the excitement also wanted to go to the circus. He pleaded, “Please take me along to the circus!”

Mummy explained, “You are welcome Alphabet C, but you should stay close to us as a city is a huge place, and we do not want you to get lost.”

“Pinky promise! I will stay with Cocco and Camy all the time,” said one very excited alphabet C.

Let me ask a question to all you lovely children listening to the story out there: When you go to a new place, should you go far away from your parent or a grown-up? 

No, never! Is that a pinky promise?

Coming back to the story- Remember Camy and Cocco along with alphabet C were excited about going to the circus in the city.

Camy, who was only 5 years old asked sheepishly, “But what exactly is a circus?”

Mummy took Camy in her lap and explained, “Well, Circus has acrobats, clowns, and other performances, in a large tent. The rest you can find out when we go there!”

Children and Alphabet C waited impatiently waited for Sunday.

On Saturday, mummy asked everybody, “What snacks would you all like me to pack for the circus?”

Coco exclaimed, “Let’s take a chocolate cake!”

Camy added, “ I want my favourite carrots!”

“I think we should take some sandwiches and juice too as we might return late from the circus,” father said.

“And how did you children forget candy??”

“Yes! Yes! Please take that too,” the children said together.

The next day, Cocco and Camy wore nice clothes, combed their hair neatly, and were ready. In the excitement Camy forgot Alphabet C, who came rolling behind, “Please don’t leave me! Please don’t leave me!”

Camy Picked him and said, “I am really sorry. I didn’t mean to leave you behind!”

Mummy was ready with the snacks too.

They all sat in the car and were off to the city.

We are driving down the bumpy road,

the bumpy road

the bumpy road

We are driving down the bumpy road,

To the circus, it’ll lead!

They all were singing songs and rhymes when suddenly they heard a Boom!

All of them jumped in their seats because of that loud sound.

Father got down from the car and looking around the car he said, “Don’t worry, it’s just a flat tyre, I have a spare tyre and will fix it in 10 min.”

The children looked at their father with pride.

“My daddy is the best,” said Camy.

The farmer opened the trunk of the car to replace the tyre, but he realized he didn't have a spare tyre.

“I am so sorry; I forget to place the spare tyre!” father said very sadly.

The children had tears rolling down their cheeks, “Now we’ll have to wait another year to watch the circus,” said Cocco, sobbing.

“Crying doesn’t help dear Cocco, let’s think of some other ways to reach the circus,” said Alphabet C.

“That’s right,” said mumma.

“Shhh everybody be quiet, I hear something,” said alphabet C.

Just then they heard the chime of the bells and the clippety-clop, clippety-clop! Being on the farm they knew that it was the sound of a horse or listening carefully was it the sound of two horses galloping.

All of them looked in the direction of the sound and sure enough, there were two horses pulling a beautiful carriage.

The farmer waved to the coachman who immediately stopped.

Father explained that they were going to the city and had a flat tyre. Unfortunately, he forgot to keep the spare tyre.

The coachman said politely, “I can take you to the town. Please sit in the carriage.”

The farmer and his family couldn’t leave an offer like and thanking the coachman climbed onto the carriage.

Off they all went clippety-clop, clippety-clop!

The coachman asked on the way, “Where do you want to go in the city?”

“We are going to the circus!” Shrieked the children in excitement.

“Wow! What a coincidence, I work at the circus and would drop you right at the gate!”

“That’s awesome!” The two kids shouted clapping their hands.

As they approached the city children spotted colourful tents, “Is that where the circus is?”

“Indeed,” said the coachman.

Once they reached, they thanked the coachman.

Alphabet C whispered in Camy’s ear, “Please give carrots to the horses. I think they would love them.”

“That’s a great idea!” Camy said and took out some carrots from the basket and gave them to the horses, “Thank you very much for bringing us to the circus dear horses!”

With a big smile on their faces, they bought the tickets and some people dressed as caterpillars showed them their seats.

Soon the circus started with a clown wearing colourful outfit riding his cycle that had just one wheel.

“That’s called a unicycle!’ father told the children.

He had a cane in his hand and did funny tricks that made the whole audience roar out in laughter.

Then, there were the acrobats. The children were awestruck by their balancing acts.

Soon there was a short break. By now the children were hungry and they ate the cake and farmer bought them caramelized popped corn.

There were many other performances and the farmer's family had a great time at the circus. So did alphabet C.

When the circus finished, the farmer took a car mechanic who took them in his car and repaired the tyre.

They thanked the car mechanic.

“All is well that ends well!” exclaimed Alphabet C as they drove back to the farm.

Hello Children! I am alphabet C. Hope you liked the story.

You know I make two sounds: /k/ and /s/

I mostly make the sound /k/ as in /c/ car.   

But I also make the sound /s/ as in circus.

Let’s see what all words in the story started with the sound /c/.

Remember was mummy was milking? /c/ cow

And there were many other words

/c/ cake

/c/ carrot

/c/ candy

/c/ car

/c/ carriage

/c/ coachman

/c/ caterpillar

/c/ clown

And what kind of popcorn did the father get? /c/caramelized.

And do you remember the names of the children? Cocco and Camy

But sometimes I make the sound /s/ too

/s/ city

/s/ circus

Is that confusing?

Not at all if I tell you a rule:

When ‘c‘ comes directly before the letters ‘e‘, ‘i‘ or ‘y‘ we use the /s/ sound.

In other cases, we use a /k/ sound.

Simple!! Isn’t it?

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