Misc-The Needle Tree (Episode 168)

Episode 168
4m | Apr 6, 2024

'The Needle Tree' is a story that teaches us to be kind

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The Needle Tree

Once, two brothers lived at the forest’s edge. The older brother was always unkind to his younger brother. He used to even take all the food and snatched all the good clothes from the younger one.

Children, what was the unkind behaviour of the older brother?

Indeed, the older brother used to take food and good clothes from the younger sibling.

The older brother would go into the forest in search of firewood to sell in the market. But he was unkind and as he walked through the forest, he chopped off the branches of every tree he passed.

One day he came upon a magical tree.

The tree stopped him before he chopped its branches and said, ‘Oh, kind sir, please spare my branches. If you spare me, I will provide you with golden apples.”

The older brother agreed. The tree gave him two golden apples. The older brother was disappointed with just two golden apples.

Overcome by greed, the brother threatened the tree, “I’ll cut you if you don’t provide me with more apples.”

The tree was offended and instead of giving him more apples, the tree showered him with hundreds of tiny needles. The brother fell to the ground, crying in pain as the sun began to set.

Soon, the kind-hearted younger brother became worried and went in search of his older brother. He searched every nook and corner of the forest until he found him at the trunk of the apple tree, lying in pain with hundreds of needles on his body.

He rushed to him and started to painstakingly remove each needle with love. Once the needles were out, the older brother apologized for mistreating his younger brother. The magical tree saw the change in the older brother’s heart and gifted them with all the golden apples the brothers could need.


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