From The Archive-Alphabet Escapades of Letter B (Episode153)

Episode 153
13m | Nov 25, 2023

Escapades of Letter B is a story of Alphabet B's adventure in a forest. He observes the daily routine of various animals and becomes especially fond of the baby bear.

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Alphabet B was very adventurous. He loved to travel to places near and far.

On one of his travels, he reached a beautiful forest. The forest was full of big and small trees, with fruits and flowers of many kinds and colours. He liked the forest so much that he decided to stay there for a few days.

Alphabet B quietly observed the daily routine of the animals there. He watched the squirrels, the baboons, the deer, the birds, the bees to just name a few.

Alphabet B was very fond of the bear family that lived in a cave towards the east of the forest, especially the baby bear. This cub was no ordinary baby bear. While all his friends and family roamed around in the jungle, looking for the honeycombs, fighting with the honeybees, eating the honey that the bees made, the baby bear had a different routine. 

Unlike the rest of the bears, the baby bear, would come out of the cave with his family but he trotted straight to his favourite banyan tree. He lay his precious belongings which were his books and the soap water that he loved to make bubbles with. Next, he would 

pluck a few banana leaves and lay them neatly under the banyan tree. Then he sat comfortably and started reading his books.

As soon as the baby bear’s friends saw him, they rushed towards the banyan tree. The baboons jumped from tree to tree to reach the banyan tree, the birds flew, the ants marched, the rabbits scurried, and the beetles flew to the banyan tree. Even the barn owl would get up from the middle of his sleep when the baby bear arrived at the banyan tree.

All the animals gathered around the banyan tree because they all loved when the baby bear read stories to them. Even the alphabet B would hide amongst the branches of the banyan tree and enjoy the stories that the baby bear read.

After reading the story for his friends, baby bear would blow bubbles some big and the others small. He loved to observe his friends play with the bubbles. The little birds would pop them with their tiny beaks, the baboons would push then with their hands, just like we push a ball. The ants would wriggle when bubbles would fall on them, and the beetles chased them till they popped. Well, the owls, needless to say went back to sleep. This happened every single day.

There was a gigantic beehive opposite the banyan tree. The bees were extremely curious. They wanted to know what was happening under the banyan tree every single day. One of them asked the other bee while cleaning the beehive, “Why do all the animals rush to meet the baby bear every day?”

The other bee replied, “I have no idea, but they all seem to enjoy their time together.”

One day, a group of beetles were rushing towards the banyan tree, as they had gotten late. When the beetles crossed the hive, they heard a bee shout out, “Hey

beetles! Why do you all go to the bear under the banyan tree? What's so special about him?”

One beetle stopped and shouted back, “0h! don’t you know he tells us very nice stories. Why don’t you come and join someday?

Bees were excited but scared at the same time. Excited as they also wanted to enjoy the story, Scared, as the bees and the bears had never been friends.

But still a few of the brave bees gathered their courage and followed the beetles. Scared of being shoed away, they approached the bear slowly. And To the bees’ surprise, the bear said, “Please don’t be afraid, you are welcomed to listen to the story.” All the beetles, bees, and other animals heard him in pin drop silence. The bees were enchanted not just by the story, but by the baby bear too for he was very gentle and kindhearted. They all thanked him and went back happily Now, every day even the bees joined the baby bear’s story telling sessions. Each following day the numbers kept on increasing.

One day, after the storytelling session, the bear was returning to his cave when he saw some nice blue coloured berries and he plucked them and tossed them into his mouth. “Umm these are delicious, wonder why no one eats them?” thought the baby bear, plucking a bunch of berries. But as soon as he ate them, he had such a terrible-terrible tummy ache, it was so acute that he lay on the ground shouting in pain. -Someone please help me…help me.

Well children, should the bear have eaten those berries, without knowing if they were safe or harmful? Yes, indeed. He did a big mistake eating the wild berries. You too should not try to eat anything you are not sure of.

In fact, those blue berries, which looked so delicious were not the good blue berries to be eaten.

The birds saw him in pain and fluttered their wings as fast as they could they told the baby bears parents, “Please come, baby bear is not well.”

Mummy and papa bear hurried to the place where baby bear lay. Mummy bear patted the baby bears hands and said, “Don’t worry, you will be ok soon.” The birds were circling around the baby bear and fanning him. But nothing that the mummy papa bear did, or the birds did help the baby bear. Alphabet B was really sad and prayed for the bear cub to become fine soon. The bees were busy as usual cleaning their hive but when they heard a lot of commotion, they rushed to see what had happened. Looking at the baby bear, the bees at once buzzed into action and took a big piece of hive with delicious honey dripping from it towards the baby bear. Seeing the bees, Papa bear shooed them, “Go away, please leave us alone as out baby is in a lot of pain.”

One of the bees politely said, “We are not here to trouble your baby bear, but to give him some honey that will help his stomach.”

Astonished the mummy bear, thanked the bees and took the honeycomb. She placed the piece of honeycomb oozing with honey in bear’s month. As he sucked into the hive, the honey worked like magic and in no time the baby bear was feeling better. Mumma and papa bear thanked the bees for helping. All the animals were delighted. d mummy and papa bear shouted, “Three cheers for the bees. All the animals echoed-Hip -hip -hurray, Hip -hip -hurray, Hip -hip -hurray!

Everyone left for their homes as it was getting dark.

Alphabet B smiled and was happy that the bear cub was healthy again. He decided it was time to travel again and slowly walked away from the forest for yet another adventure.

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