Archive-Story From Panchatantra - The Blue Jackal (161)

Episode 161
5m | Jan 20, 2024

Today’s story- The Blue Jackal is from the Panchatantra. It’s a story about a jackal who acts like someone else and tries to rule the forest, but does he succeed? Listen to the story to find out.

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Once there was an adventurous jackal in a forest who frequently strayed into the neighbouring village looking for food. The village was filled with dogs that scared the jackal. Although he was scared of the dogs, the jackal loved food and travelled to the city again and again.

One day, as he was going to enter a house, he heard barking. He was shocked to find a gang of dogs running towards the house. They looked violent and caused the jackal to panic. In a hurry, he ran to the next house he saw open. It happened to be the house of a washerman. Scared, the jackal tumbled into a tub of indigo, the blue dye used for bleaching clothes. The dogs couldn’t see the jackal and they ran another way.


Children, what colour was the jackal now?

Let’s listen ahead.


The jackal came back to the forest with his body dyed in blue. He appeared very different from any other animal. With his cunning mind at work, he was pleased as no one would be able to recognize him and he could easily fool anyone in the jungle.

Just like he had thought, everyone in the forest was surprised to see such an unusual animal.

When the lions, tigers, panthers, wolves and other animals in the forest saw him, they were frightened and ran in all directions. They thought to themselves, "We do not know his power and strength. It is better we keep a distance from him. Haven't the elders warned us not to trust strangers?”

Finally, the lions and the tigers gathered courage and asked who he was and who had sent him.

“I have been sent by God himself to look after you. I will now be the king of the jungle,” the jackal said.

The lion protested, “Don’t you know, I have always been the king of the forest.”

“From now, that must change and all of you must serve me” The Jackal said happily.

Some animals like the tiger protested and asked what would happen if they didn’t obey him. He replied, “God would destroy the entire forest if you all didn’t obey me.”

Scared for their lives and their forest, the animals asked the blue Jackal what he would like them to do.

“Bring me lots of food,” said the blue jackal promptly.

The animals quickly scurried and returned with lots of food for the Jackal.

He had so much food that he gave his leftovers to the other animals and said, “ You must serve me fresh food every day. Hope that is clear.”

He even threw out the pack of jackals from the forest because he knew that they could identify him someday.

The blue Jackal was very happy with himself for fooling the entire forest and was happy to be away from the city dogs.

But one day the banned pack of jackals was walking around the forest, howling loudly. The blue jackal began howling too out of habit.

Because of this mistake, the lions and other animals immediately recognized that their king was after all a jackal and not a God-send creature. They at once pounced on the blue jackal and in turn, banished him from the forest forever.

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