From The Archive-The Originals: The Crow's Discovery (Episode 151)

Episode 151
8m | Nov 11, 2023

A crow is a bird whom most people ignore and do not attach any special things like peacock feathers, Cuckoo's singing or sparrow's nests.

Today’s story – ‘The Crow’s Discover’- is a story where a crow tries to learn something that would be special, but does he succeed?

Let’s listen to the story and find out.

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The sun’s rays had started to paint the east horizon with hues of red and orange. In his nest, Kalu, the crow, woke up and looked around. He was bored. He cleared his throat and called a few times.” Ka, ka! It is so boring,” He thought to himself. Then suddenly, He heard beautiful music. A koel was singing his sweet song somewhere nearby.

Children, “koels and cuckoos are cousins belonging to the same family. Both birds lay eggs in the nests of host birds. koels are primarily found in the  Indian Subcontinent, China, and Southeast Asia.

Getting back to the story

For a while, Kalu enjoyed the song. Then he got mad. It wasn't fair. It just wasn't fair! It was he who had warmed the eggs that the koel had hatched from, and now that little bird was singing so much better than his! But he shouldn't be jealous, he told himself, the thing to do was to take singing lessons from the Koel.

Kalu went looking for the koel and found his at last. The koel looked at him a little suspiciously, but Kalu was very respectful.

“You have the sweetest voice in the world. Will you teach me to sing?” Kalu asked humbly.

“For sure, but you have to be here at dawn every morning,” said the koel. 

Kalu nodded.

“Great! So, let’s start tomorrow morning,” said the koel soaring high in the sky.

Kalu was very worried. He loved his sleep and never woke up before sunrise. But he was very firm about his singing lessons and so he wound up his alarm clock and set it before he went to bed. When the alarm rang, Kalu jumped out of the bed, rubbed his eyes and spread his wings to yawn. Then, he flapped his wings as fast as he could and reached the koel.

The koel was waiting impatiently.

“Good morning Koel!” greeted Kalu.

“Let’s get started.” Kuhoo, kuhoo. Now you copy me, Kalu, “she sang and asked Kalu to try.

 Eagerly, Kalu tried, but all he could say was, “Ka-ka, Ka-ka.”

After a while, the koel had had enough, “I give up. You are just not able to learn. Please find another teacher. I have to rush to the place I recently found some grains piled up. let me go and enjoy that. Don’t tell anyone else, Kalu as then I’ll have to share which I don’t want to.” 

Kalu was very disappointed that He couldn’t learn to sing.

He had tears rolling down his cheeks and sadly He returned to his nest.

Another day Kalu saw a mouse gnawing at a sack. 

Kalu called out, “Hey mouse, please teach me to gnaw too!”

The mouse whispered, “Shhhh, be quiet, else all the mice will come and finish the grains in this sack. This is my find and I want to eat it every day. I don’t want to share with anyone. Moreover, you are a crow, you crows can never learn anything, except cawing. I can’t teach you.”

Children, what can you say about the character of the mouse? Is he helpful, mean, kind, or unkind?

Well, days passed and Kalu went about doing his regular chores. But he had a burning desire to be able to do something as special as singing like Koel or gnawing like the mice.

Soon it was the rainy season. Kalu used to watch the peacocks dancing. He loved to see their grace in every movement. He wanted to dance just like them.

So one day he went up to one of the peacocks and requested, “Would you be kind enough to teach me to dance?”

The peacock smiled and said, “Sure, I could most certainly do that. Just follow me.”

The peacock continued, “One-two move to the left, 3-4 move to the right.”

The crow focussed and tried. He couldn’t get it right on the first try. He tried again, and again, but all in vain.  

“Looks like I can never learn to sing like koel, gnaw like a mouse, or even dance like a peacock!” Sadly he walked back home.

“I am good at nothing,” He said sobbing.

As He passed a house, He saw wheat spread on a mat for drying.

He burst into a smile.


Children, why did the crow burst into a smile?

Let’s listen ahead.


Kalu flapped his wings as fast as he could, announcing about the wheat to all his friends and family.

They all gathered in the backyard and had a feast.

They all thanked Kalu for being generous.

It was then that a thought struck Kalu, “So what if I can sing, gnaw, or dance, but I am generous and invited my friends and family to share the wheat that I found. No other animal did that.”

He was proud of himself and grateful that He was a part of such a kind and sharing family.

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