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Episode 166
9m | Feb 24, 2024

The Escapades of Letter D is a story about Alphabet D finding out a secret about his toys and also teaches how everyone can play together.

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It was night-time and all the alphabets had finished playing and together they put away all the toys: the duck, deer, dinosaur, doll, etc. They never left their

toys scattered. They always placed them back neatly in the drawers or in the toy basket.

After putting away the toys, they quickly washed up, had their delicious dinner, and went to their room. Soon they were busy reading and in no time, they were fast asleep.

One day, after all the other alphabets had gone to sleep Alphabet d decided to return to the playroom to play some more.

He quietly got out of the bed, tiptoed out of the bedroom, and walked towards the playroom. As he approached the playroom, he heard some noises. He stopped and wondered what those noises were.

D was very inquisitive and instead of rushing into the playroom, he decided to peep through the window to find out what was happening

“Oh My God! What are all the toys doing outside their baskets and drawers?” he wondered.

He carefully looked and realized that all the toys were playing around in the room. Or were they getting ready for something?

Alphabet D wanted to join them but thought that might scare the toys.

So, he decided to just watch them through the window.

He had never seen anything like this before.

Alphabet D saw the doll dressed up in her shimmering shining dress.

“Is there going to a party?” Alphabet D wondered.

In the other corner Alphabet D’s favourite deer was draping itself in a golden skin.

The very next moment, the toy tub caught Alphabet D’s attention. He saw the duck fluttering its wings to dry itself and quacking; quack -quack -quack-quack

Once she was done drying, she waddled towards the middle of the room.

The doll was ready by now. And so was the deer. They both walked elegantly towards the middle of the room. All the others also assembled in the middle for what looked like a dance party.

Suddenly, Alphabet D heard the beating of the drum. It was the dog. He appeared playing a beat on the drum. And everybody started rejoicing and dancing.                  

The doves came in and started circling right above all the others, fluttering their wings to the beat.

Indeed, it was a dance party

All you little children listening out there, I am sure you all love parties, especially birthday parties.

So, what’s your favourite part of any birthday party?

Is it the fun-filled games, or the delicious food, or the scrumptious cake, or the refreshing drinks, or the rhythmic dancing? Or is it everything put together.

Well, even the toys in our story were having a great time in the party.

So, till now in the story, Alphabet D, instead of sleeping, wants to play more and goes to the playroom, only to realize that all the toys were having a party.

As the toys were dancing, the dinosaur came with refreshing drinks and served them to all the animals.

But then the mean red coloured dragon, who always troubled the other toys, appeared from behind the cupboard. All the animals started running here and there as they were scared of the dragon. 

He was a big bully and scared all the toys by his loud shrieks and by blowing fire.

The toys shouted together, “Someone please help us!” and were running helter-skelter.

Hearing the commotion, the lion who was relaxing in the den rushed out.

One look at the dragon and the lion understood the problem that it was the dragon scaring all the other toys.

He roared, "You red dragon, that is no way to spoil the party. Instead why don’t you join them and have fun too!”

“But no one ever invites me to the party,” said one very angry dragon.

The doll gathering courage said, “Dragon dear, you are most welcome to join our party, but please don’t scare us.”

The dragon for the first time felt bad and apologized. All the toys accepted his apologies and soon he too was enjoying the party.

I love to sing,

You love to sing,

We love to sing together!

I love to dance,

You love to dance,

We love to dance together!

Alphabet D was glad to see the toys having a good time. He had a smile on his face, but by now his eyes were heavy and he slowly trudged back to his room and went to sleep.

Hello Children! I am alphabet D. Hope you liked the story.

You know I make the sound /d/

Let’s see what all words in the story started with /d/

/d/ drawers

/d/ dinner and was it /d/ delicious?

/d/ doll. What was she wearing? Shimmering shining dress. And that is

/d/ dress

/d/ deer


/d/ dog, who was playing a

/d/ drum

/d/ doves

/d/ dance, and who came and disturbed the party?

/d/ dragon, and the lion came out of his

/d/ den

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