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The Mystery Lounge CIC's Podcast

Dynamic, Interactive, Murder Mystery Entertainment Company with Communities at the heart of everything we do. Our productions provide more than just entertainment, they provide a fully interactive experience and linked storylines, with hidden clues, puzzles, and a Facebook community just for you!


Episode 17 - To Catch A Killer - Part Two
Show Details14min 27s
Episode 16 - To Catch A Killer - Part One
Show Details12min 32s
Episode 15 - One Move Left - Part Two
Show Details26min 38s
Episode 14 - One Move Left - Part One
Show Details18min 3s
Episode 13 - Patrick Drake - Part Two
Show Details22min 57s
Episode 12 - Patrick Drake - Part One
Show Details24min 17s
Episode 11 - The Green Monster - Part Two
Show Details20min 34s
Episode 10 - The Green Monster - Part One
Show Details20min 14s
Episode 9 - It Was An Accident Gov’ - Part Two
Show Details22min 5s
Episode 8 - It Was An Accident Gov - Part One
Show Details19min 12s
Episode 7 - A Sordid Affair - Part Two
Show Details25min 43s
Episode 6 - A Sordid Affair - Part One
Show Details21min 41s
Episode 5 - Grey’s Anatomy - Part Two
Show Details19min 32s
Episode 4 - Grey’s Anatomy - Part One
Show Details20min 21s
Episode 3 - Getting to Know You - Part Two
Show Details19min 46s
Episode 2 - Getting to Know You - Part One
Show Details19min 23s
Episode 1 - The First Wave
Show Details39min 54s