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Ordinary Dice Dragons - Legend of the Soul Reaper

Ordinary Dice Dragons presents: Legend of the Soul Reaper a heavily homebred D&D actual play podcast.

Legends are not always true but they are always based on something. Magic can be hidden but the scent cannot be removed. Worlds can interact but the people cannot know. Everyone matters but everyone is a means to an end. Light cannot cross the void but the Reaper is watching you. Nobody is immune but nobody remembers.


"Questions can be good. They can lead to answers that change your life or even change a nation or a world. So why not ask them? Why not take a few moments out of your busy life to at least look for the answers to those questions that keep coming up; the questions that you keep shrugging off."

These are the opening lines to the poster that each of you have read sometime in the last week. And somehow, it caught you. Some of you drank in the idea eagerly as if it were the best coffee in the world but others of you thought you could just shrug it off just like the questions it had referenced. However, regardless of what you thought at the time that you read it, you have found that it didn't fade away in the busyness of life. Instead it actually grew. One by one questions came up in your life that you had always just shrugged off but suddenly it seemed you couldn’t. They stuck in your mind and plagued your thoughts until you dreamt about finding the answers.

Until, finally, you realize it's here. The date you couldn’t forget. The date on that poster that had caused you so much trouble: 1-11 at 1:11 in the afternoon. You each take a deep breath for your own individual reasons before walking into the room. Welcome to the Seekers Club.

Join Bitty, Gimble, Tally, Loverboy, Caramel, and some other guest players as they learn to adapt to a crazy world outside their small forest town.

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