Pinoys vs. the World: Episode 1 w/ Jared Garalde

Season 1 | Episode 1
1h 34m | Apr 25, 2021

Welcome to episode 1 of Pinoys vs. the World! In their podcast debut, Jess and Harald introduce the show, talk about their main inspirations behind the pod and what to expect moving forward. They also touch on current local news stories including Covid-19 vaccine distribution, the start of new sports seasons in the PNW and local 2021 elections. CW: the main story of today’s pod addresses the recent exponential rise in anti-Asian hate and racism, and what the guys’ personal thoughts on the situation are. Below are resources to better inform you on what to do when faced with a hate crime, how to connect with the Filipino community for help and fundraising platforms to help victims and families of AAPI hate crimes across the nation.

For today’s interview, we spoke with current University of Washington masters student and Washington State University alumni Jared Garalde! Born and raised in Auburn, Washington, Jared was actively involved in the Filipino community in Pullman during college including FASA, Lambda Phi Epsilon International Fraternity, Inc., and his beloved Carson College. We talked about everything from how he has dealt with the pandemic over the past year to a plethora of personal shout-outs you won’t want to miss. Welcome to the pod!


Edited by Harald Hyllseth

Music by Jonas Hyllseth and Jess Juanich

Website by Jared Garalde

Logo by Camille Naputo

Episode 1 timestamps:

- Opening & Intros: 0:24

- Local News/Vaccine Update: 10:00

- Sports Update: 17:50

- Upcoming Seattle Local Elections: 31:48

- Big Picture Story - Conversation on Anti-Asian Racism: 41:35

- Interview with Jared Garalde: 58:00

- Closing Thoughts/Music Recs: 87:25

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Pinoys vs. the World