Disciple Making Youth Ministry

We are two youth pastors who are tired of doing the same thing again and again but expecting a different result. This podcast began because we kept finding more and more youth pastors and youth leaders who felt the same way as us. We want to see teenagers give their lives to Christ and follow in his footsteps of makings disciples and unfortunately that hasn't always been the outcome we have seen in our ministries.

So we started a podcast to talk about disciple making and share some of what we have learned through this shift.

DMYM is where we talk about the calling of Youth Pastors to equip students for the work of making disciples. Moving teens from Church attenders to disciple makers.


Season 2: Episode 4 || Camps & Discipleship with Jack Henderson and Rodger Obley
Show Details52min 22s
Season 2: Episode 3 || Longterm Learns with Joe Williams
Show Details44min 28s
Season 2: Episode #2 || So What Do You Do?
Show Details37min 46s
Season 2: Episode #1 || Looking Back, Lookin Ahead
Show Details35min 5s
Episode # 10 || Apologetics in Youth Ministry
Show Details38min 35s
Episode # 9 || Partnering With Parents
Show Details37min 43s
Episode # 8 || Preparing Students for Post High School
Show Details38min 10s
Episode # 7 || The Bible Problem
Show Details45min 29s
Episode # 6 || Pastoring the Pastors
Show Details28min 50s
Episode # 5 || Attractional Ministry: Friend or Foe?
Show Details37min
Episode #4 || COVID Youth Ministry Part 2
Show Details18min 45s
Episode # 3 || COVID Youth Ministry Part 1
Show Details29min 40s
Episode # 2 || How it's Going
Show Details27min 41s
Episode # 1 || How it Started
Show Details24min 46s
Episode # 0 || What is Disciple Making Youth Ministry?
Show Details20min 7s