Building an Iconic Lesbian Community Online with Jaime Messina, Founder of Club LILLES

47m | Apr 1, 2024

Jaime Messina is a Life Coach who works primarily with the Sapphic community.

She created the ICONIC group, Club LILLES, which has become an incredible online community connecting people all over the world who are looking to vibrate higher while also stepping into their sexuality.

Jaime is a master at cultivating community…so let’s absorb all of her magic!


🌈Coming out or a Later in Life Lesbian

🧠Making big life decisions (there’s no handbook baby, it’s all mindset)

🏠Building a purpose-driven community and brand online

Curious about working with Jaime or becoming a member of Club Lilies?

👉 Shoot her a DM on IG or visit

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