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Hear The Gear

Ever looked for a podcast that simply used different microphones and gear on each episode? Well now you can hear the gear before you buy the gear! I will use a different microphone each week, unprocessed so you can get an idea if a piece of gear should be yours, or if it should stay on the shelf! BUT WAIT THERES MORE! Also get some tips and tricks to use in your podcasting adventures!


The Comica VS09 TC - USB C Mobile Condenser Microphone
Show Details3min 54s
The Sontronics Podcast Pro - Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone Priced At $149
Show Details5min 19s
The sE Dynacaster - The $289 Contender For The End All Dynamic Mic
Show Details7min 53s
The Sterling P30 - Phantom Powered Handheld Dynamic Microphone
Show Details5min 52s
Talent DM1 - Also Known As Part Of The DM3 3-Pack - Dynamic Microphone That Is DIRT CHEAP
Show Details4min 53s
WAIT A SECOND! The MXL MM-130 On Different Devices....
Show Details4min 11s
The MXL MM-130 - Mobile Recording Microphone - A Handheld Condenser For Phones & Tablets
Show Details6min 20s
The Pyle PDMIC58 - What USED To Be The Cheapest USEFUL Dynamic On The Market
Show Details3min 43s
The MXL 990 - Feels like everyone has started with this mic...for a reason.
Show Details3min 6s
The Shure SM78 - Yes You Read That Right - A Transformerless SM57 ?
Show Details5min 27s
The Fifine K658 VS. The Samson Q2U - Budget USB Dynamic Microphone Battle
Show Details4min 57s
Kelisiting RGB USB Condenser Microphone - Feature Packed For Under $50!
Show Details7min 22s
ZRAMO 104 Handheld Condenser Microphone - $7.90 On Amazon!
Show Details4min 36s
Fifine K658 - End Address USB Dynamic Microphone - Is it better than the Q2U from Samson? We will find out soon.
Show Details6min 7s
The Sony ECM-33F Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone - Vintage Glorious Cheapness
Show Details4min 30s
The Samson Q2U - The Mic Every Podcaster Should Begin With!
Show Details5min 27s
The Realistic 33-1045A | A Dirt Cheap & SOLID Small Condenser Microphone
Show Details3min 55s
The Sterling ST31 - A Small Stylish Condenser Microphone
Show Details2min 48s
The Stedman N90 - A Side Address Dynamic Microphone From The 90's
Show Details4min
The Rode Procaster - Tested and Recorded With The Tascam DR-10X
Show Details4min 59s
16 Mic Blind Test Results - Handheld Dynamics From Last Episode Revealed!
Show Details8min 59s
Dynamic Microphones! A Blind Test Of 16 Dynamic Microphones, With Names In Next Episode!
Show Details9min 55s
Digital Reference DR-CX1 - Basically The AT2020 & We Will Find Out TO What Degree Soon
Show Details3min 4s
Audio Technica AT3525 - A REALLY Small Electret Condenser Microphone
Show Details3min 39s
The Behringer C-1 - The $35 Condenser That Will Get The Job Done
Show Details3min 35s
The Superlux ECO-88 Handheld Dynamic Microphone with The Tascam DR-10x
Show Details5min 17s
The Audio Technica ATM41a | Dynamic Microphone with The Shure X2U Interface
Show Details5min 23s
The Focusrite Scarlett CM25 MKIII - Condenser Microphone
Show Details6min 59s
The Samson S11 - Handheld Dynamic Microphone
Show Details4min 26s
Galaxy Audio GA64 Dynamic Handheld Microphone with Capsule Switching Option
Show Details7min 36s
The CAD E50 Condenser Microphone
Show Details7min 14s
The Maono AU-300HD XLR / USB Dynamic Microphone
Show Details8min 5s
The Behringer SL 84C Dynamic $12 Microphone
Show Details6min 17s
The Realistic MC-1000 Vintage Dynamic Microphone
Show Details2min 49s
The CAD PodMaster SuperD XLR End Address Broadcast Microphone
Show Details12min 57s
The Shure PE56D Vintage Unidyne I Dynamic Microphone
Show Details8min 53s
The Peavey PVM 44 Handheld Dynamic Microphone
Show Details6min 40s
The Samson Q8 Handheld Dynamic Microphone
Show Details5min 39s
The Rode PodMic Dynamic End Address Microphone and Podcast Hosting Tips!
Show Details21min 57s
The MXL BCC-1 End Address Broadcast Condenser Microphone
Show Details8min 6s
The Audio Technica AT2005 USB and XLR Dynamic Microphone and....Headphones?
Show Details13min 43s
The Audix F55 Handheld Dynamic Microphone and why it and many others beat a Blue Yeti for Podcasting
Show Details11min 57s
The Shure 588SB Handheld Dynamic Microphone on The Zoom Podtrak P4
Show Details8min 9s