Poppin' The Culture

Poppin' The Culture is a weekly podcast for those who love everything to do with pop culture, film, TV, celebrity news, and maybe even a bit of gossip! Your show host, Mr. Hollywood, brings a young, unique voice to the rapidly-evolving world of entertainment. The show also features weekly guests to add more detail and insight on the entertainment industry. Don't worry, we thought of everything.


Show Details46min 28s
Episode 15: Eminem is Spittin' Rhymes and Servin' Spaghetti! | There's Someone Inside Your House Cast Interview
Show Details49min 38s
Episode 14: When Great Shows Have Bad Endings...And Who Will Be The Next James Bond?!
Show Details1hr 13min
Episode 13: KAREN'S BIG MOVIE | Netflix's Cowboy Bebop Will Be Fire
Show Details56min 23s
Episode 12: The Craziest Fan Theory about John Wick and The Matrix 4, Who's Scarier Than Freddy Krueger? Dexter's Bloody Return
Show Details46min 7s
Episode 11: Netflix Paid HOW MUCH for Seinfeld? Best acting performance by an athlete!? | Guest Interview with Matty Cardarople
Show Details57min 16s
Episode 10: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE IS BETTER THAN JAMES BOND! | Can Kristen Stewart Win An Oscar?
Show Details46min 56s
Episode 9: Addison Rae Wants to Continue Acting! | Is Johnny Depp Done?
Show Details37min 24s
Episode 8: Did Disney Do Scarlett Johansson Dirty? Moves you Gotta Watch Once | With guests Rebecca Brayton, Ty Richardson and Ricky Starks
Show Details59min 20s
Poppin' The Culture #7: Keanu Reeves is the GOAT & Al Pacino's Worst Performance Ever!?
Show Details45min 38s
Episode 6: Napoleon Dynamite 2? Does Riverdale need to end? Top 10 Rom-coms | With Efren Ramirez & Kyra Carlton | PtC #6
Show Details55min 2s
Episode 5: What's on Your Watch List?! The Suicide Squad, Rick and Morty, Young Royals | With Malte Gårdinger & Callum Janes
Show Details48min 7s
Episode 4: Horror Films, Old, Cobra Kai, Mean Girls | With Kirsten-Ria & Jesse Kove
Show Details41min 35s
Episode 3: James Bond, Son of the Mask, Demon 2 | With Phoebe de Jeu & Jamie Kennedy
Show Details45min 29s
Episode 2: Disney, Marvel, Black Widow, Video Games | With Ricky Tucci & Todd McFarlane
Show Details44min 53s
Episode 1: Ace Ventura 3, Worst 90s Movies | With Rebecca Brayton & Todd McFarlane
Show Details41min 20s