The Twin Geeks 183: Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

1h 25m | Oct 20, 2023

The night the Kentucky Gentleman came home! Our friend Jesse returns for our yearly tradition of exploiting the Halloween franchise for content. At this point, the series has received a genre-defining first film, a normal slasher sequel, a strange outlier sequel, a comeback movie, and now, a normal sequel to a comeback movie. That's how it goes with horror franchises, as we discuss exactly what has changed and what each change in the journey of the Halloween franchise means, as well as the many types of Halloween fans all these different entries have created, and the unique story of an unlicensed novelization that cause a stir on social media (you can find a free PDF here). We tie up the messy loose ends, find the fun and funny moments that nearly save the unquestionably middling movie, and as per our usual routine, find some time to review some Radiohead-adjacent material. Our first ever show was about a Halloween movie and this is one of our favorite series to put out into the world. Thank you so much for listening and please have yourself a safe and spooky Halloween.

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