The Twin Geeks 184: Assault on Precinct 13

1h 10m | Nov 3, 2023

The Twin Geeks Editor Vaughn, our resident Enthusiast of All Things, joins the show in promotion of his terrific new action cinema podcast, co-hosted with resident Musician for All of Our Theme Songs Jack. Their new show is called Throw Down, so-named after the excellent action film of the same name, which gives an idea of what kind of high-octane movies they will get up to on the show. You can already listen to the first two episodes!

In this program, we take on an action-thriller classic in celebration: John Carpenter's excellent Assault on Precinct 13, which takes the best notes out of Rio Bravo and Night of the Living Dead and melds them together in a riveting, matter-of-factly directed celebration of cinematic traditions. Carpenter achieves all of this on a relatively low budget, our first signal of the delightfully indelible masterpieces ahead of us in his career.

Beyond this classic, we discuss our horror month as it was, why we're discontinuing our awards show podcast, and try to consider how horror is being perceived as a modern genre, and what it means to direct in that space right now.

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