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Joyful Microbe

All about the microbes we encounter in our daily lives (with or without realizing it). The Joyful Microbe podcast helps you see how bacteria, fungi, viruses, archaea, and protozoa live everywhere around us and constantly impact our lives. Host Justine Dees, PhD talks to microbiology experts of all kinds to share the amazing variety of these fascinating microorganisms. Usually, we think of infections, but microbiology is SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.


What is a tardigrade?
Show Details37min 35s
The Microbiology of Fermented Foods: Dr. John Leech
Show Details1hr 6min
Microbiology Activities for High School Students: Jessica Popescu
Show Details1hr 1min
Micronovo’s Microbiology Books for Kids: Dr. Mike Manefield
Show Details51min 42s
Painting with colorful antibiotics from bacteria: Dr. Vineetha Zacharia
Show Details40min 3s
The superpowers of bacteria: Dr. Sarah Wettstadt (BacterialWorld)
Show Details40min 57s
Geosmin: the smell of soil and rain
Show Details21min 21s
Space Microbiology: Marta Cortesão
Show Details42min 44s
Introduction to Lichens: Dr. Klara Scharnagl
Show Details1hr 9min
How science art helps us understand microbiology: Dr. Lizah van der Aart
Show Details53min 57s
Using viruses to battle superbugs (phage therapy): Dr. Jessica Sacher
Show Details1hr 8min
Using microbes to treat infections: Dr. Brian Klein
Show Details1hr 1min
How Bacteria Cause Tooth Decay
Show Details19min 47s
What microbiologists do in their jobs: Shelli Nauman
Show Details1hr 2min
11 Audiobooks About Microbes
Show Details22min 26s
How to spark interest in microbiology: Dr. Dave Westenberg
Show Details55min 31s
Life in extreme locations: Dr. Adrienne Kish
Show Details1hr 3min
How to enjoy fungi: Dr. Matt Kasson
Show Details1hr 2min
Welcome to the Joyful Microbe Podcast!
Show Details8min 44s