The Savage Truth with Roy Dockery

Pastor Roy Dockery is an advocate for Social Justice and an activist for Racial Equity in the American Church. The Savage Truth Podcast hopes to challenge the minds of every listener by discussing a myriad of topics from different perspectives. Using every gift at his disposal from public speaking to hip hop and poetry, Pastor Roy challenges the status quo. Honesty has become uncommon and often socially unacceptable, so we are at a place where the truth sounds uncivilized, untamed, and Savage. Please join us as we take this journey with The Savage Truth.


Savage Truth: Stay focused on the Path God has placed you on, detours can be devastating!
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Comedy, Cancel Culture, Court Jesters and The Closer
Show Details30min 26s
Identical Blackness, being seen but not identified! Flying First Class with @American Airlines ​
Show Details20min 33s
TSW Las Vegas 2021, Deconstructing Homogeneity, A Pathway for D.E.I.
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We are not disciples, we are marketing agents for our churches! Evangelism or Lead Generation?
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A measure of integrity? Know your credit score because trust is not enough.
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From the Drive-Thru to Boardroom! How taking orders helped me learn to lead.
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Chronic illness and disability in the church! Faith, & Healing w/ Mayia Warren
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Book Review: White Awake by Pastor Daniel Hill
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One of my children stole from me, Spoil the Child, Spare the Rod? How I reacted.
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Guess Whose Back... Join Discord, Free Money, Podcast, Community and Growth.
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Jesus Over Racism! Do you see a Black man or a Christian?
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How to be Anti-White Supremacy? IDK but FIO!
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How the Pandemic impacted my Faith and Family?
Show Details24min 56s
Jesus Vs. White Supremacy! White on White Apologetics.
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God is for Justice, Sermon @WorldVictoryGSO
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Is pain a valid excuse for being a jerk?
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How we manage? Partnership, Provision, and Prayers!
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Shoe Stories, Why I Love the Jordan 8 Aqua's...
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Results May Vary! Processes and God.
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Goodbye Podcast? Priorities!
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Your church needs a Job!
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Christians in the Workplace? I vote for Bi-Vocational!
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Starbuck or Starve? Indulgence for survival.
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Am I materialistic? Collections over God!
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Dreadlocks, Alopecia, Lupus and Hair Cuts!
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Results May Vary! Don't believe the hype.
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Sacrifice, Selflessness, and Solidarity!
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Christians, Whites, and N-Word Passes
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Savage Dating Tip's from the Dockery's
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Finances, Accountability and Ethical Income Management...
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Confession, I don't Pray Often
Show Details35min 23s
Admissions Scandals, Standardized Test, and Wealth's impact on GPA inflation…
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Take Me Out to The Gun Range
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5 Tips To Living Savage and Successful!
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Dear Black Church, Can I Breathe?
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The Impossible Party...Win some, and you lose some.
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Adapt, Adopt or Abolish. How Christians should respond to culture
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Don't Tuck Your Flag, Let it Hang Low.
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That ain't "Black," Internalized White Supremacy
Show Details39min 56s
Legalize Being Black. Is my skin probable cause? Jonathan Price
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Do Your Research! Why we hate that statement....
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White Supremacy in Black Face! The Trojan Horse
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Is Your Faith Infectious?
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Systemic Racism 101
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Combating Stereotypes, One Hoody at a time.
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Make Racism Illegal, The Social Experience.
Show Details51min 5s
Make Racism Illegal!
Show Details36min 59s
Counter-statements and Cancel Culture....Stop it!!!!
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Black Live Matter, Movement over Manifesto!
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Black on Black Crime, deflection & defamation.
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Reset, It's Time for an Upgrade!
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Purpose over Promotion, don't get derailed!
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Are You Free? Sermon at World Victory Greensboro, NC
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Teen Talk at Fort Wilderness
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How racism made me atheist, My Story shared....
Show Details34min 24s
Enough is Enough, I've Been Tired!
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No Tariff on Racism? Bigotry should be expensive!
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Kaepernick & Confederate Flags, White Liberty Vs. Black Silence!
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The New Normal....for Justice
Show Details28min 46s
The New Normal...for Creatives
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Endure the Process, It's Time for an Upgrade
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FEAR or FAITH, what will this Crisis (COVID-19) reveal?
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COVID-19, It's Not a Game, Spread Love not Viruses!
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Know Your Why? Healthcare
Show Details21min 32s
Know Your Why? The Leader
Show Details29min 31s
Know Your Why? The Rapper
Show Details24min 15s
Know Your Why? The Poet
Show Details23min 49s
What You Do is not the same as Who You Are? Know your why...
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Brave Work means Hustling with Purpose
Show Details57min 22s
We Love Our Veterans, like We should Love Our Neighbors...
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Count The Cost, Answered Prayers Can Be Expensive!
Show Details55min 46s
Santa Claus Ain't Coming to Town, with The Dockery Family
Show Details38min 32s
Entitlement and Privilege, Just because you are used to it, doesn't mean it's not there!
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Behind The Music, New Music Preview "Intercession" by Pastor Roy
Show Details40min 30s
Who is Rip? Kanye West, Donald Trump, Politics and Hip Hop
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Unfiltered, Activism and Intellectual Debate.
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Athlete Activism with NBA Veteran Etan Thomas, We Matter!
Show Details1hr 4min
American Son the Film, and The Pain of Raising Black Sons
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"Harriet, Be Free of Die" The Savage Truth On Film with QWill
Show Details47min 17s
Kanye West....Public Disobedience and Public Repentance. Prodigal or Nah?
Show Details1hr 10min
Police...A Force for Protection, or Weaponized for Oppression?
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Bonus Content - Episode 17 of This Podcast Ain't for Everybody
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Texas Justice, Hugs and Forgiveness. Botham Jean and Amber Guyger
Show Details48min 4s
Testify to Bring God Glory, Aurora, CO 10/6/2019
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American Pride, Gangs, Culture, and Christianity.
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Real Love Requires Action not Affection.
Show Details36min 8s
The Illusion of Inclusion, Segregation in the American Church.
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"I Don't Like Donald Trump, but we are called to Love him."
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Honesty is a great way to Evangelize...So why you lying?
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Your Reward Lies in Your WORSHIP, Live July 21, 2019 Charlotte, NC
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The Lion King and Racial Profiling
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Who Do You Love? The root of Racism in America.
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Introducing the Savage Truth
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