Critical Podcast

Its 2021, the world is seemingly crumbling and common sense is the rarest commodity. Insert Critical Podcast, where we strive to spark and fuel important conversations in hopes to build bridges and encourage conversation and knowledge.


Crossing the line
Show Details54min 10s
Headlong into a tipping point
Show Details38min 49s
Society and Culture
Show Details37min 6s
Mass Psychosis
Show Details33min 57s
Election Post Mortum
Show Details25min 3s
Election Day!
Show Details37min 36s
Election Check in #3
Show Details27min 31s
Battle Lines
Show Details41min 34s
Canada Election Check in #2
Show Details39min 29s
A Mandate for Tyranny
Show Details25min 10s
Canada Election; The vote split
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Freedom Vs. Authoritarianism
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Masking Kids
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Episode 0
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