We Can Talk About Murder! (feat. GROG) (Season 3 Finale)

1h 38m | Apr 10, 2023

We don't know if you'll be able to tell but we haven't seen each other in a Rasslecast format for a while. With that said, there are NO HOLDS BARRED! Kat and GROG are here along with the Handsome One, The Curly One, and The Genius One to talk about WrestleMania Goes Hollywood (39), WWE being sold to a gross individual and then Raw being ran again by another gross individual, and Kat drops the flamethrower on EVERYBODY!

Have a great spring and summer, you'll get some new pods and more Dark Matches in the offseason and guess what? We've been renewed for Season 4 in August! Maybe we we'll be able to watch WWE in peace again by then.

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