Surviving Burnout with Sean Malone

Season 1 | Episode 5
36m | Nov 23, 2022

Whoa. Now this is a story of hardship, resilience and perseverance. No matter what you’re going through, this story will give you a bird’s eye view of how incredibly important it is to keep plugging away and valuing our lives- even when adversity hits us from left field and we feel like it’s all over. Sean Malone is a living testimony of this and we know his story will inspire tons of entrepreneurs, like you.

Sean is a husband, cat-dad, disc golfer, serial entrepreneur, and Sell By Chat™ expert. 

He has owned six different businesses. 

His strengths come from nearly two decades of studying communication, business, and professional sales. 

He has closed more than $130 Million in his own sales career and has personally built 3 seven figure businesses and 1 eight figure business with his amazing business partners and team. 

All the battle-field tested methods that he uses are part of his Ascension Selling Method, 

which he and Chris Baden (his business partner) developed after completing more than 10,000 sales conversations combined. 

With his unique ‘get-it-done’ mentality he, and his team, stay relentlessly focused on solving the revenue problem for businesses so they can experience the growth and success they deserve. 

Always Revenue. Always Relevant. 

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