Turn Your Skills Into An Online Business - Florencia Andres

Episode 449
37m | Jun 10, 2024

Thinking about turning your expertise into an online business? In this episode, renowned mindset coach and online business mentor Florencia Andres shares her journey from hitting burnout as an in-person coach to reinventing her business model through online courses. With AI and new technologies democratizing the ability to create and sell digital products, Flor believes now is the time for entrepreneurs to monetize their skills online.

She shares powerful mindset shifts and practical strategies to overcome doubts, package your knowledge into a course, and authentically market it to your ideal clients. If you're ready to find more freedom and fulfillment in your business, don't miss Flor's expert advice!

Never Struggle With Sales Again: Identify, Attract and Close your Ideal Clients



🎙️Guest’s Bio

Florencia Andres is a renowned mindset coach, speaker, and online business mentor who helps entrepreneurs package their expertise into profitable online courses. After hitting burnout as an in-person coach, she reinvented her business model to find more freedom and impact. Flor has published four bestselling books in multiple languages and been ranked a top female speaker in Europe. Through her Easy Launch Academy, she now guides entrepreneurs from around the world to build successful online businesses through courses and digital products. Her unique blend of mindset work and practical business strategies helps clients break through limiting beliefs to create lives of flexibility and fulfillment.


👂Listen out for:

  • How to identify the unique expertise you can monetize into an online course
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and doubts to put yourself out there online
  • Using AI tools to simplify course creation, marketing and sales
  • Reframing selling as serving to market your course with authenticity
  • Practical steps to validate your course idea and find your ideal customers



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