How She Built A Spiritual Empire | Sounds True

Episode 440
42m | Apr 8, 2024

In this captivating episode, Tami Simon shares her remarkable journey from a state of desperation to founding Sounds True, a leading platform for spiritual wisdom. Discover how a year in Asia and a profound inner calling led her to create a legacy of enlightenment. Dive into Tami’s story and be inspired by her dedication to spreading transformative teachings.

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🎙️Guest’s Bio

Tami Simon is the founder of Sounds True, a multi-media publishing company dedicated to disseminating spiritual wisdom. With a deep commitment to sharing transformative teachings, Tami has grown Sounds True from a small startup into a spiritual institution. Her journey began with a year-long trip to Asia, where she embraced meditation and the desire to contribute meaningfully to the world. Upon returning, she channeled her passion into creating a platform for spiritual education, which has since flourished into a beacon for seekers worldwide.


👂Listen out for:

  • Tami’s early struggles and inspirations.
  • Founding of Sounds True explained.
  • The power of inner guidance.
  • Overcoming criticism and challenges.
  • Balancing spirituality and business.




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