Achieving 10-100X Returns with Venture Thinking - Alex Dang

Episode 446
36m | May 20, 2024

In this episode, Jason Marc Campbell sits down with Alex Dang, seasoned executive and co-author of "The Venture Mindset," to discuss how businesses can achieve extraordinary growth by adopting strategies from venture capital and Silicon Valley. Alex shares invaluable insights on making smarter bets, prioritizing long-term value creation, and embracing failure to unlock exponential success. Listeners will learn practical tips for applying the venture mindset to their own businesses, regardless of size or stage. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a competitive edge and take your company to new heights!

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🎙️Guest’s Bio

Alex Dang is a seasoned business executive with over two decades of experience at companies like McKinsey, Ernst & Young, and Amazon. He is currently the CEO and general manager of multiple technology companies and an expert in e-commerce and digital platforms. Alex is the co-author of the book "The Venture Mindset," which distills lessons from venture capital and Silicon Valley to help businesses achieve extraordinary growth. With his deep expertise and track record of success, Alex provides invaluable insights for entrepreneurs and business leaders looking to take their companies to the next level.


👂Listen out for:

  • Learn how to make smarter bets like a venture capitalist
  • Discover the importance of prioritizing long-term value over short-term gains
  • Understand why saying no is crucial for finding the best opportunities
  • Embrace failure as a necessary step towards achieving big wins
  • Apply Silicon Valley strategies to grow your business exponentially



The Venture Mindset: How to Make Smarter Bets and Achieve Extraordinary Growth


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