• Freedom Convoy and opinions!

    'Cause we got a great big convoy;

    Rockin' through the night;

    Yeah, we got a great big convoy;

    Ain't she a beautiful sight?

    - CW McCall

    44m - Feb 10, 2022
  • Philip stopped a robbery

    What happens when you rise but don't grind?

    1h 4m - Feb 7, 2022
  • That's a lime.

    Q: Boat shoes or Crocs? A: Neither.

    56m - Jan 25, 2022
  • Aristotle in a Leather Jacket ft. Jenny Connelly!

    We're joined by Jenny Connelly from the Wide Open Spaces podcast! We talk about how to have loving dialogue with people that disagree with you, rules of engagement during fights, podcasting, and more!

    40m - Dec 9, 2021
  • Part V: The Crunch Strikes Back

    Ethan calls Reagan a walking innuendo.

    42m - Nov 24, 2021
  • Part IV: A New Crunch

    Girdle thy loins. We destroy Ethan and Patrick's confidence with their own listener's words.

    42m - Nov 17, 2021
  • Cracking open a cold milk, not solid food, with the boys

    Philip is engaged!! And Reagan's audio gets better - sorry.

    1h 1m - Nov 9, 2021
  • Corporal Works of Mommy*

    *not all works apply.*

    We crowd around one mic to give some updates on the pod (*shhhh... it involves a pregnancy*). Today, we talk about cultivating our hearts to receive the Word of God. We also discuss how we might respond homeless people ask for money. Also, what are the corporal works of mercy and how do I start?! We had a ton of fun. Enjoy!


    55m - Oct 25, 2021
  • Reagan is a married boy

    Help we started a podcast with two Ethans and no Patricks.


    59m - Oct 5, 2021
  • otherwise known as Kimi no Na wa

    It didn't end up being shorter today


    54m - Apr 7, 2021
  • tight jeans and men's ministry with D'Arcy

    We force our guest to introduce the podcast for us.


    41m - Mar 3, 2021
  • definitely not another Lent podcast

    Check out Phil's article, coming February 2022 to the www.thescruple.com!


    53m - Feb 27, 2021
  • Phil is a HERETIC?!

    Phil and Reagan are giving it a shot.


    45m - Feb 10, 2021
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