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The Real Relationship Rapport

We did it, Jay !!! We made our own show together, welcome to The Real Relationship Rapport. Dungeon and I been doing 1 hour shows to 5-hour shows on the Stereo app and decided to make out own show. I'm Chan and I have a few podcasts but this one is different. Jay and I have never met in real life but we got good show chemistry so it made sense. We will still live record on Stereo at least two nights per month. Now we have a home for just our show.


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IG: Og_dungeon & @chanbepoddin

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More to Come but for now enjoy


How Many Times Can They Cheat Before You're Out?
Show Details1hr 53min
Is Monogamy Realistic???
Show Details1hr 42min
Can You Cheat On Me & Still Love Me?
Show Details1hr 52min
Provide The Treatment You Demand !!!
Show Details1hr 38min
Ask The Right Questions
Show Details1hr 12min
Let That Man Have a Say
Show Details1hr 4min
Friends With Benefits is a Trap !! Pt. 2
Show Details1hr 15min
Are Friends With Benefits For You or Nah? pt.1
Show Details1hr 13min
Stop The Unrealistic Expectations & Get Real Ones
Show Details1hr 48min
What Age Should Women/Men Stop...
Show Details2hr 47min
When To Take Them Seriously
Show Details1hr 40min
Unlearning For The Better
Show Details1hr 43min
Broken Men Shouldn't Dictate
Show Details1hr 38min
When 2 People Want Peace...
Show Details1hr 1min
Keep Your Options Open
Show Details1hr 53min
85% of Men Today Cannot Afford Relationships
Show Details2hr 12min
The Tryouts Are Needed
Show Details2hr 1min
Cheaters Guilt
Show Details1hr 33min
RRR: 85% of Women Do Not Know What They Want
Show Details2hr 23min
RRR: The 7 Levels of Intimacy
Show Details2hr 11min
RRR: Can You Help Who You Fall In Love With?
Show Details1hr 41min
RRR: Red Flags x Accountability
Show Details2hr 15min
RRR: What Makes You "Meet the Family" Worthy?
Show Details1hr 31min
RRR: Rich People Aint Paying To Fcuk
Show Details2hr 9min
RRR: Its Okay To Be Alone
Show Details1hr 33min
RRR: Old Ways That Men Had Power Over Women
Show Details1hr 43min
RRR: Your Person Will Change In The Relationship
Show Details1hr 43min
RRR: You Friends Are The Fuel To Failed Relationships
Show Details1hr 51min
RRR: The Silent Treatment = Another Failed Relationship
Show Details2hr 21min
RRR: Can Open Relationships Be Renegotiated?
Show Details1hr 34min
RRR: What About You Would Make A Good Man Stay?!?
Show Details2hr 9min
RRR: Can You "Afford" To Date Me?
Show Details1hr 45min
RRR: Things To Not Put On Ya Dating Profile
Show Details32min 6s
RRR: Is That Body Count Important?
Show Details2hr 54min
Real Realtionship Rapport: Dungeon Word for Soft Males
Show Details1hr 21min
Real Realtionship Rapport: Todays Males Insecure x Bruised pt 2
Show Details1hr 23min
Welcome To The Real Realtionship Rapport Podcast
Show Details2hr 10min