The Hockey Talk Podcast

In this podcast I'll discuss all things happening from around the NHL. This podcast will provide weekly discussion on all of the big time news, rumors, stats, scores and more.


Will the Buffalo Sabres finally make the Playoffs?
Show Details17min 34s
Free Agency Recap
Show Details36min 36s
Opinions on selections 1-10 from the NHL entry draft.
Show Details19min 11s
Trades, Rumors, and Signings
Show Details50min 35s
News From Week 2 Of Playoffs
Show Details13min 22s
2020 Qualifying round predictions
Show Details25min 41s
2020 RFA Class Predictions
Show Details33min 18s
2020 UFA Class Predictions
Show Details19min 16s
Aleksander Barkov Trade??
Show Details8min