• Ecological Footprint (Biology Project)

    I am no way, shape or form an expert in Biology, I'm just a high school student.

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    Discord: https://discord.com/channels/957487428346732574/957487428833263659/957936390467887164

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialhighschoolpost/

    3m - May 8, 2022
  • Strodes?

    I bring on an old childhood friend that I've known since Primary school, we talk about all sorts of fun stuff that's entertaining and interesting to listen to. Follow the Instagram @officialhighschoolpost

    That one video we talked about


    E3 - 1h 34m - Apr 17, 2022
  • Indiana is portrait mode and Ohio is landscape

    Today I bring on my friend Melody and we have a fun talk for the first episode of this podcast! Please sick around for more, editing is a lot harder than I initially thought.

    S1E1 - 43m - Apr 2, 2022
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