¡Ayuda! Stop the Frankenpire Migration! - Halloween Special Story for Kids

Season 2 | Episode 16
15m | Oct 31, 2023

As you may recall from the last episode, Zap was in coding class when he received a future message asking for help to stop a Frankenpire Migration. The message is from the year 2812. What are Frankenpires? And Ayuda means help in Spanish. Will Zap travel to a new country on this adventure? Keep listening to find out.

If you are listening for the first time, we encourage you to hit pause, head on over to episode 1 and catch up on Zap’s adventure so far.

While Zap visits a fictitious future in the middle of a super storm in this episode, in real life a major hurricane hit parts of Mexico on Oct. 25. Zap's adventures focus on helping the future, but let's take a break and help the present. We encourage you to search the internet for the many ways you can donate to the Hurricane Otis relief fund.

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Zap to the Future