Moon Battles - Zap's Star Wars Parody Remastered

17m | May 3, 2023

Hi Zap Fans! If you listened to our most recent episode, celebrating Zap to the Future's 1 year anniversary, then you heard that in our first year of recording and audio production we had a lot of learning to do! Now we're using all those lessons to make Season 2 even better!

As we bring you new adventures of Zap going into the future, we're also looking back at Season 1 and remastering the audio. We'll slowly start re-releasing each of Zap's adventures with much cleaner and consistent volume so you can better enjoy Season 1.

While we did consider just replacing the previous episodes' audio files, we decided that instead sharing the before and after and how much we have learned, improved and evolved over time can be encouragement to other families who may be interested in producing some sort of creative endeavor but are afraid of sharing something that isn't quite perfect yet.

And because Zap is such a HUGE Star Wars fan, before jumping into Season 2, we bring back MOON BATTLES.

We hope you enjoy this remastered versions of Moon Battles Part 1 & 2 and stay tuned to celebrate Star Wars day on May the 4th with a new Moon Battles installment!

We hope you enjoy these episodes written by the voice of Zap and voiced by The Alvarez Family.

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