#336 - In Business Size Actually Matters!!

33m | Jun 16, 2024

I talk about the importance of prioritizing tasks and managing time effectively. I also discuss my main goal: becoming a better entrepreneur through continuous learning. You'll hear about my marketing strategies, especially focusing on Google SEO, and the challenges of growing a bootstrapped company. Plus, I reflect on the slow growth of Podsqueeze and the tough decisions around investing and potentially starting new projects.


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The speaker's journey (00:00:11)

Entrepreneurial ups and downs (00:01:21)

Challenges with Podsqueeze (00:02:30)

Marketing strategies and SEO (00:03:43)

Realizations and market size (00:05:58)

Strategies for Podsqueeze growth (00:12:24)

Financial challenges and investment (00:16:56)

Considering new projects (00:19:12)

The bigger picture (00:21:23)

Exploring new products (00:22:31)

Staying in the current market (00:23:39)

Reaching for the stars (00:26:49)

Philosophical reflections (00:28:45)

Spreading good energy (00:30:10)

Final thoughts and call to action (00:32:40)

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