#335 - My Most Embarrassing Mistake Ever

26m | May 21, 2024

I made a mistake with my pricing, but I'm getting over it with some meditation. I'm also excited to go to a podcast conference in London to meet people and learn more.

I talked about the importance of understanding business metrics to make good decisions, not just to look impressive. Also, AI is becoming a big deal in our field, and I'm watching how it affects mental health support.


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Traveling and Excuses (00:00:12)

Tiago shares his recent travels and acknowledges the delay in posting episodes.

Patreon Support (00:01:21)

Tiago thanks patrons for supporting the podcast and encourages additional contributions.

Growth Mistake (00:02:24)

Tiago recounts a mistake in pricing strategy that impacted the company's growth.

Meditation and Anxiety (00:08:05)

Tiago discusses the benefits of meditation in managing anxiety and maintaining focus.

Metrics and Market Analysis (00:09:15)

Tiago emphasizes the importance of tracking various metrics and understanding market dynamics.

Reviewing and Decision-making (00:13:20)

Tiago advises reviewing metrics at intervals and making decisions based on accumulated data.

Podcasting Conference (00:16:35)

Tiago shares his excitement about attending a podcasting conference in London and the potential industry insights.

AI and Ethics (00:21:11)

Tiago reflects on the use of AI in community engagement and discusses ethical concerns related to AI as a therapist substitute.

AI and the Future (00:22:10)

Discussion on the potential future of AI, including AI friends, partners, and its impact on content creation.

AI in Content Creation (00:23:17)

Exploration of using AI in video creation, referencing a successful young YouTuber and the potential of AI-generated scripts.

Learning from Young Entrepreneurs (00:24:26)

Observations on the use of AI by young entrepreneurs and the potential for learning from their experiences.

Considering Consultation (00:25:28)

Contemplation of seeking consultation from a successful young YouTuber for insights into algorithms and content creation.

Upcoming Trip to London (00:26:39)

Mention of an upcoming trip to a podcasting conference in London and a sign-off for the episode.

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