The Anti-Silver Bullet with Angie Tebbe (Rae Wellness)

Season 1 | Episode 16
41m | Dec 28, 2022

In today’s episode, GutCheck’s CRO Jess Gaedeke speaks with Angie Tebbe (Teh-bee), the co-founder and CEO of Rae Wellness. Jess and Angie discuss her transition into the wellness world and why Angie thinks you could call her a “Chief Listening Officer”. Take a listen to learn all about Angie, Rae Wellness, and how Angie associates Drake with entrepreneurship. 

Angie’s Bio 

Angie Tebbe is the co-founder and CEO of Rae Wellness. A fruitful 13-year career at one of the world's most recognizable retailers, a lifelong commitment to well-being, and an endless thirst for knowledge led Angie to start Rae Wellness, a holistic wellness company that is committed to well-being for all by providing natural supplements at affordable price points. 

The North Dakota native grew up in a humble and holistic home. Angie's mother worked as a nurse, and her father had a deep passion for Eastern medicine. At a young age, Angie learned how to meditate and developed a curiosity for wellness. In 2018, a period of reflection sparked the idea of Rae Wellness. She gave up her title-holder role at Target, dusted off her father's books, and decided to pursue a new path.  

Within a year of starting Rae, Angie launched 20 new products and orchestrated distribution in every Target location. Speaking directly to her consumer base, Angie emphasized the importance of wellness for women. Rae has reached nearly two million customers in the first two years of business, with 68% of customers falling in the 24-35 age range. Rae’s products are available at Amazon, Anthropologie, CVS Pharmacy, Target, Thrive Market, Standard Dose, Whole Foods Market, and more. 

Before co-founding Rae Wellness, Angie spent over a decade at Target. As a leader in merchandising, Angie spearheaded the introduction of new brands and designer collaborations while managing P&L and personnel.  

Outside of Rae Wellness, Angie loves traveling, cooking, and entertaining. Most importantly, she is a wife and mother of three children ranging in age from 7 years to 6 months. 

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