Embrace the Tension with Sudha Ranganathan (LinkedIn)

Season 1 | Episode 18
48m | Jan 25, 2023

On this week’s episode, GutCheck’s CRO Jess Gaedeke had the chance to speak with Sudha Ranganathan, the Director of Product Marketing on the Talent Solutions business at LinkedIn.  

Listen in while Jess and Sudha discuss the importance of compassionate leadership, why making room for internal mobility is essential, and what exactly the recipe for a great leader is. 

Kick back and enjoy another episode of the Gutsiest Brands podcast.  

Sudha’s Bio: 

Sudha has 17+ years of experience in marketing organizations at companies like P&G, Nielsen and PayPal. She is currently a Director of Product Marketing on the Talent Solutions business at LinkedIn where her team helps employers across the world hire and develop strong talent in a new world of work. She is an advocate for Customer Centric marketing thanks to her early career in Consumer Insights before she transitioned to Product Marketing. She has a strong track record as a leader who develops high performing, psychologically safe teams. She is also a trained CTI (Co-active Training Institute) coach with a passion for unlocking the highest potential within individuals and teams. 

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