Listen, Learn, and Take Action with Attica Jaques

Season 2 | Episode 1
30m | Sep 7, 2023

Welcome to season two of the Gutsiest Brands podcast!  We are back with more guts and more brands, and we are delighted to bring you a new collection of engaging stories and lessons from some of the world’s leading brands and brand leaders.  

In today’s episode, Jess Gaedeke sits down to chat with Attica Jaques, a brand marketing leader who has worked with some of the gutsiest brands in the business. Attica has worked for global icons like Google, Under Armour, Gap, and PRADA.  

Listen in while Jess and Attica discuss how including diverse perspectives can help build a successful and lasting brand, how people are the center of everything, and how the beauty industry has set the standard for diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Attica Bio: 

Attica Alexis Jaques is a game-changing brand marketing leader with 20+ years of experience driving growth for global icons such Google, Under Armour, Gap Inc, and PRADA. 

A sought-after thought leader, Attica drives business results while putting people first. She sits on the Board of Brilliant Earth and is a Founding Member of Chief NY and San Francisco. 

At Google, she led Brand Marketing across Consumer Apps with award-winning campaigns for Google Search. As Under Armour’s SVP of Global Brand Marketing, she managed brand strategy across all sports divisions worldwide. 

Attica is a global citizen having worked in San Francisco, Tokyo, Milan, and New York. She holds an MC from Columbia University and BA from UCLA. 

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