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Out of 10

"Notorious B.I.G. first verse on Sky is the Limit"

Music, sports, anime, and whatever else we decide to talk about. Tune in every Friday.


Out of 10 #12 - Pure Chaos and Davante Adams
Show Details1hr 22min
Out of 10 #11 - Legend of the One Dick, Unpopular Vegeta Opinion, Baby Names
Show Details1hr 37min
Out of 10 #10 - Madara Will Save the World, Dolphins are Seqs Predators, and TJ is Trans
Show Details1hr 28min
Out of 10 #9 - 'Friday', Ratings, MVP, How Strong Are The Androids, Anime Rankings
Show Details2hr 21min
Out of 10 #8 - "Ya wanna hear about JFK?"
Show Details1hr 9min
Out of 10 #7 - Midget P*rn, Snack Cake War, Bare Foot Champagne, Occasional Football
Show Details2hr 18min
Out of 10 #6 - Texas Chainsaw Flop, Gal Gadot, GET THE GRENADES, and Spiked Sprite
Show Details1hr 31min
Out of 10 #5 - Didney Worle Planning, Jeff Hates Giraffes, Execute Order 66
Show Details1hr 32min
Out of 10 #4 - Dababy, Kink Shaming, Cancel Culture...and Quick Meals?
Show Details1hr 16min
Out of 10 #3 - Believe in Justin Fields; F%#K Kirk Cousins
Show Details1hr 27min
Show Details1hr 22min
Out of 10 #1 - "Jon Jones vs Dana White, who you got?"
Show Details1hr 52min