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on the lockout

Show is about my experience at Rikers Island and upstate Prison having spent most of my life there from an adolescent i tell my story and have others on show from time to time so maybe we can help others who are going to do time or doing crime stay away from the streets do the right thing in life and know what not to do and what they can do for them self if one ends up in Jail or Prison i tell my story with a little humor so we all have a few laughs on show all my content is for entertainment purposes and to Educate people on what goes on in the New York City Jails and Prisons

Hope you like the show as i work on being a Better Me to Make things around here Better for you



Story Telling
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Hassan Campbell Calls The Show After Watching
Show Details24min 8s
Daily Facts what Happens in a few days
Show Details40min 11s
Rikers Island Becoming A Latin King
Show Details11min 44s
Hit and run Moms Killed on mothers day
Show Details34min 34s
Hassan Campbell & Wack 100 The Comments
Show Details23min 28s
When You Think You Still A Bloods Gang Member
Show Details31min 44s
The Power Of Words
Show Details43min 48s
Blacks and Puerto Ricans
Show Details18min 10s
The Smack Is A Crime Tho
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Russian GPU Heist
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NFTs in Hip-Hop
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Stabbed to death in NYC
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Cops Need To Stop Chasing Cars
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The Game Rooms & Rumors
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Fat Joe stealing
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New York City Gangs
Show Details38min 51s
Bloods and Crips Gang
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Young Girls Death Ruled A Homicide By Cop
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Rikers Island Crips Gang Member Speaks
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New York man takes Gun To School
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Rikers Island Inmates Want Your Sneakers
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AstroWorld Hero Told To Stop
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How I feel about everything thats going on
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Whats Going On Around The World Today
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Crips Gang Member Blue Boy
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Twitch Streamer In Hot Water
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Just Need To Talk To you
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Prison Life And beyond
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At Times I Just Need To Talk
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Rikers Island MS-13 VS Blood Gang Members
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Crypto mining is it fair ?
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Crips Gang Member Then Becomes Latin Kings
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Grips Gang Member Talks of Rikers Island
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Rumors Become Truth In Others Heads
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Hip-hop Whats going on now
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His House Went On Fire
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Jail Warden Demoted By Haters
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Rikers Island Latin kings and Bloods Gang War
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Sentenced to Life in Prison
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Daily Facts around the world
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Rikers Island inmates pressured other to dance and do push ups
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Dominican Gangs in New York City and Rikers Island
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What's Gangster?
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Dominican Gangs Trinitarios at Rikers Island
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Rappers being pardoned from prison
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Whats Going On With Celebrities In The Media
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Rikers Island Bloods Gang vs Latin Kings True Story
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Brooklyn Woman beaten by street punks
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Rikers Island Crips gang member who had inmates shook
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Rikers Island court bus what goes on True Story
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Rikers Island lies become true when seeds of deception are planted
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New York Prison Gangs True Story
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Homicides in Connecticut
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Rikers Island Gang Member cuts his insides with Razor blade
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Abduction of Young girl saved by local residents
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Prison Story how Killer Kev Bloods Gang Member was living
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Vlad Cancelled By Black Community For Disrespecting Minister Farrakhan
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Should a 64 year old be driving a car
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Things Inmates do at Rikers Island
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Turning myself into Jail
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Dominicans Trinintaros at Rikers Island
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New York City Jails Violence Is Up A Lot More
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Host Let's Interview be taking over
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what i watched today on Youtube
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There a lot going on in the news
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I Just Feel Like Talking
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Let Me Tell You Whats Going On In N.Y.C
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Woman brutally beaten in attempted rape
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Demon President Of The Assassinators Gang True Story
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Cops Shot Man In Front Of His Kids And Much More
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NYPD Arrested A Man Is Dead
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Rikers Island Stories Every time i got out
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Penitentiary Gang Life Second Part
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Penitentiary Gang Life
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fight left man injured
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First time Locked up
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Prison Gangs
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Rikers Island what happens
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Growing up in New York City
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Locked down very young
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