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A podcast with discussions on big topics happening in the world of sports.


S2:E2 2022 NFC East Division Preview- The Square E137
Show Details1hr 38min
S2:E1 2022 AFC East Division Preview- The Square E136
Show Details1hr 29min
2022 NFL Free Agency Update (4/16)| The Square E135
Show Details1hr 28min
Playoffs!!!- 2022 NBA Playoff Preview| The Square E134
Show Details1hr 22min
The Second Season is Upon Us- 2022 NFL Free Agency (3/16)| The Square E133
Show Details1hr 24min
We're Back!!!-2022 NFL Offseason News| The Square E132
Show Details45min 45s
The Offseason Begins- 2022 NFL Offseason Update (2/16)| The Square E131
Show Details43min 45s
I Told You!!!-Super Bowl LVI Recap| The Square E130
Show Details38min 45s
Super Sunday is Upon Us- NFL Super Bowl Preview| The Square E129
Show Details1hr 4min
The NFL Needs to Change- Super Bowl Week News| The Square E128
Show Details1hr 17min
NFL in 2 Sticky Legal Situations- NFL Week 22 News| The Square E127
Show Details1hr 38min
NFL Playoffs, The Gift That Keeps On Giving- NFL Conference Championship Recap| The Square E126
Show Details1hr 32min
NFL Conference Championship Game Picks| The Square E125
Show Details35min 31s
You're Hired!!!-NFL Conference Championship News| The Square E124
Show Details52min 25s
Best Weekend of NFL Football!!!- NFL Divisional Playoff Recap| The Square E123
Show Details1hr 22min
Allen Artistry V Mahomes Magic- KC Chiefs v BUF Bills Divisional Playoff Recap| The Square E122
Show Details1hr 1min
NFL's Best Week for Football- NFL Divisional Week Game Picks| The Square E121
Show Details1hr 3min
NFL Head Coach Hirings Need to be Revaluated- NFL Divisional Week News| The Square E120
Show Details1hr 3min
NFL Wild Card Playoff Recap| The Square E119
Show Details1hr 51min
"Playoffs!!!"- NFL Wild Card Weekend Game Picks| The Square E118
Show Details48min 57s
Black Monday Didn't Disappoint-NFL Wild Card Weekend News| The Square E117
Show Details1hr 20min
Were You Not Entertained!!!-NFL Week 18 Recap| The Square E116
Show Details58min
NFL Week 18 News| The Square E113
Show Details49min 51s
Regular Season Finale- NFL Week 18 Game Picks| The Square E115
Show Details33min 57s
Final Power Rankings for the NFL Season- NFL Week 18 Power Rankings| The Square E114
Show Details44min 30s
NFL Week 17 Recap| The Square E112
Show Details1hr 30min
NFL Week 17 Game Picks| The Square E111
Show Details24min 19s
NFL Week 17 Power Rankings| The Square E110
Show Details17min 52s
NFL Week 17 News| The Square E109
Show Details38min
Happy New Year!!!- NFL Week 16 Recap| The Square E108
Show Details1hr 32min
NFL Week 16 Game Picks| The Square E107
Show Details26min
NFL Week 16 Power Rankings| The Square E106
Show Details17min 8s
Covid is a joke to the NFL!!!- NFL Week 16 News| The Square E105
Show Details40min
The Refs are back at it!!!-NFL Week 15 Recap| The Square E104
Show Details1hr 40min
NFL Week 15 Game Picks| The Square E103
Show Details35min 7s
NFL Week 15 Power Rankings| The Square E102
Show Details34min 59s
NFL Week 15 News| The Square E101
Show Details45min
100th Episode!!!- NFL Week 14 Recap| The Square E100
Show Details50min 25s
NFL Week 14 Game Picks| The Square E099
Show Details17min 4s
NFL Week 14 Power Rankings| The Square E098
Show Details9min 32s
NFL Week 14 News| The Square E097
Show Details12min 31s
NFL Week 13 Recap| The Square Bonus E2
Show Details27min 45s
NFL Week 13 Game Picks| The Square E096
Show Details22min 58s
NFL Week 12 Recap| The Square E093
Show Details1hr 22min
NFL Week 13 Power Rankings| The Square E095
Show Details23min 15s
NFL Week 13 News| The Square E094
Show Details51min 33s
NFL Week 12 Game Picks| The Square E092
Show Details24min 57s
NFL Week 12 Power Rankings| The Square E091
Show Details24min 9s
NFL Realignment and Expansion| The Square Bonus E1
Show Details21min 45s
NFL Week 12 News| The Square E090
Show Details17min 32s
NFL Week 11 Recap| The Square E089
Show Details1hr 25min
NFL Week 11 Game Picks| The Square E088
Show Details43min 18s
NFL Week 11 Power Rankings| The Square E087
Show Details34min 34s
NFL Week 11 Headlines| The Square E086
Show Details28min
NFL Week 10 Recap| The Square E085
Show Details1hr 27min
NFL Week 10 Game Picks| The Square E084
Show Details38min 28s
Week 10 NFL Power Rankings| The Square E083
Show Details27min
NFL Mid Season Awards| The Square E082
Show Details54min 22s
We Have Solved The NFL Ref Problem- NFL Week 10 News| The Square E081|
Show Details59min
The Bears Got Cheated!!!-NFL Week 9 Recap| The Square E080
Show Details1hr 31min
NFL Week 9 Power Rankings| The Square E079
Show Details28min 25s
NFL Trade Deadline Has Officially Passed- NFL Week 9 News| The Square E078
Show Details42min 55s
NFL Week 8 Recap| The Square E077
Show Details1hr 27min
NFL Week 8 Game Picks| The Square E076
Show Details37min 1s
NFL Week 8 Power Rankings| The Square E075
Show Details14min 49s
Deshaun Watson to be Traded?!?!-NFL Week 8 News| The Square E074
Show Details27min 27s
NFL Week 7 Recap| The Square E073
Show Details1hr 17min
NFL Week 7 Game Picks| The Square E072
Show Details26min 6s
Week 7 NFL Power Rankings| The Square E071
Show Details43min 44s
Trade Deadline Looming- Week 7 News| The Square E070
Show Details52min 36s
NFL Week 6 Recap| The Square E069
Show Details44min 31s
NFL Week 5 Game Picks| The Square E068
Show Details41min 45s
NFL Week 5 Power Rankings| The Square E067
Show Details37min 40s
Head Coach Hot Seats!!!-NFL Week 5 News| The Square E066
Show Details55min 15s
NFL Week 4 Recap| The Square E065
Show Details48min
Week 4 Game Picks| The Square E064
Show Details35min 36s
NFL Week 4 Power Rankings| The Square E063
Show Details27min 23s
Over/Under Rated Game!!!-NFL Week 4 News| The Square E062
Show Details52min 48s
September in the books!!-NFL Week 3 Recap| The Square E061
Show Details56min
Week 3 Game Picks| The Square E060
Show Details29min 55s
Week 3 Power Rankings| The Square E059
Show Details29min 48s
Extra! Extra!- NFL Week 3 News| The Square E058
Show Details19min 31s
NFL Week 2 Recap| The Square E057
Show Details1hr 6min
More Picks than Aaron Rodgers!!!- NFL Week 2 Game Picks| The Square E056
Show Details33min 38s
NFL Week 2 Power Rankings| The Square E055
Show Details35min 9s
NFL Week 2 News/Storylines| The Square E054
Show Details34min 17s
What A Kickoff!!!- NFL Week 1 Recap!| The Square E053
Show Details1hr 31min
Week 1 Has Arrived- NFL Week 1 News/Storylines| The Square E050
Show Details1hr 10min
Prediction City!!!- NFL Week 1 Game Picks| The Square E052
Show Details59min 27s
Shaking It Up Before Kickoff!!!- Week 1 Power Rankings| The Square E051
Show Details40min 30s
The North Remebers!!!- NFC North Division Preview| The Square E049
Show Details1hr 58min
AFC North Division Preview Part 2| The Square E048
Show Details1hr 28min
AFC North Division Preview Part 1| The Square E047
Show Details42min 4s
The Best Division in Football- NFC West Division Preview| The Square E046
Show Details1hr 39min
Crown 'em Now!!! AFC West Division Preview| The Square E045
Show Details1hr 47min
Football is Near!!!- Preseason Power Rankings| The Square E044
Show Details49min 27s
Run It Back!!!- NFC South Preview| The Square E043
Show Details1hr 19min
AFC South Division Preview| The Square E042
Show Details1hr 38min
See you in 50 years!!!- 2021 NBA Finals Recap| The Square E041
Show Details55min 4s
Oh Brother! This Division Stinks!!!- NFC East Division Preview| The Square E040
Show Details1hr
How'd we get here???- 2021 NBA Finals Update V2| The Square E039
Show Details47min 16s
What the Heck is NE?!?- AFC East Division Preview| The Square E038
Show Details1hr 7min
"Was that suppose to impress me???"- NBA Finals Update| The Square E037
Show Details41min 14s
Fresh Faces in Great Places!!!- 2021 NBA Finals Preview| The Square E036
Show Details25min 26s
Just Disappointed!- 2021 NBA Conference Finals Update| The Square E035
Show Details1hr 25min
Let's Fix PHI!!!- A discussion on the PHI situation| The Square E034
Show Details44min 55s
Best Conference Finals Matchups in 10 years?- 2021 NBA Conference Finals Preview| The Square E033
Show Details1hr 46min
Khris Middleton Responds to Curtis V's fiery take!!!- Eastern Conference 2nd Round Update| The Square E032
Show Details1hr 23min
Phoenix is Just fun to watch!!!- Western Conference Round 2 Update| The Square E031
Show Details53min 4s
The West is Boring!!!- 2021 NBA Round 2 Playoff Update| The Square E030
Show Details1hr 55min
Western Conference Playoff Discussion| The Square E029
Show Details1hr 20min
Not Your Father's NBA!!! Eastern Conference Playoff Update| The Square E028
Show Details1hr 41min
Preview of the Best 2021 NFL Matchups P2-We've got some good games this year!|The Square E027
Show Details1hr 9min
Preview of the Best 2021 NFL Matchups P1-We've got some good games this year!|The Square E026
Show Details1hr 24min
Post NFL Draft Power Rankings| The Square E025
Show Details1hr 53min
2021 NFL Draft Review Part 2| The Square E024
Show Details1hr 25min
2021 NFL Draft Review Part 1| The Square E023
Show Details1hr 31min
A Chicago Bears Fan's Reaction to Rounds 1&2| The Square E022
Show Details1hr 24min
NFL Round 1 Mock Draft| The Square E021
Show Details2hr 5min
The Best Sports Movie of All Time- Final Four!!| The Square E020
Show Details1hr 17min
The Best Sports Movie of All Time- Elite 8| The Square E019
Show Details1hr 24min
The Best Sports Movie of All Time- Sweet Sixteen!!!| The Square E018
Show Details40min 24s
The Best Sports Movie of All Time- West Division| The Square E017
Show Details53min 16s
The Best Sports Movie of All Time- South Division| The Square E016
Show Details45min 59s
NBA Trade Deadline Deals!| The Square E015
Show Details1hr 26min
The Best Sports Movie of All Time- East Division| The Square E014
Show Details48min 18s
The Best Sports Movie of All Time- North Division| The Square E013
Show Details41min 4s
2021 NFL Free Agency Frenzy Part 2| The Square E012
Show Details1hr 35min
A Chicago Bears Fan's Frustration- Update on Bears Offseason Moves| The Square E011
Show Details1hr 44min
2021 NFL Free Agency Frenzy- Big Moves, Big Implications| The Square E010
Show Details1hr 31min
NFL Free Agency Preshow!| The Square E009
Show Details1hr 20min
NFL Free Agency Round Up DEF Edition!| The Square E008
Show Details1hr 59min
NFL Free Agency Round Up RB Edition!| The Square E007
Show Details1hr 42min
NFL Free Agency Round Up WR Edition!| The Square E006
Show Details1hr 16min
NFL Free Agency Round Up QB Edition!| The Square E005
Show Details1hr 2min
NFL QB Carousel (Part 2)- Many QBs Potentially on the move!| The Square E004
Show Details1hr 27min
NFL QB Carousel (Part 1)- Many QBs Potentially on the move!| The Square E003
Show Details1hr 31min
Top 10 NFL Moments/Performances of the 2020-2021 NFL Season (Part 2)| The Square E002
Show Details1hr 38min
Top 10 NFL Moments/Performances of the 2020-2021 NFL Season (Part 1)| The Square E001
Show Details49min 2s