D&D Unleashed: GVN Exclusive with Matthew Lillard & Ben Rehor on 'Faster, Purple Worm Kill Kill!'

Season 6
13m | Nov 15, 2023

🎲✨ Get ready for an exclusive GVN sit-down as author and critic Mike Vaughn dives into the realm of Dungeons and Dragons with none other than Matthew Lillard (Scream, Five Nights at Freddy's) and Ben Rehor! 🐉🎭 Join the conversation about their latest project, the thrilling Dungeons and Dragons improv show, "Faster, Purple Worm Kill Kill!"—a game where the journey is just as exciting as the destination, even if no one makes it out alive!

In this interview, Lillard and Rehor share the origins of the game, discuss the pitching process, and even speculate on the D&D class Stu Macher would embrace. 🎙️✨

Premiering on Monday, November 13th, exclusively on Freevee and Plex, "Faster, Purple Worm Kill Kill!" is a collaborative effort between Matthew, Bill, eOne, and Wizards of the Coast. This fast and funny D&D game-meets-improv comedy show takes your favorite gaming luminaries on a wild ride with 1st level characters facing off against a classic, all-powerful monster from D&D lore. Brace yourself for an hour of laughter and chaos, where every character meets their tragic yet hilariously entertaining demise.

Don't miss the premiere on the new Dungeons and Dragons Adventures streaming channel—only on Freevee and Plex! 📺🐲

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