Who's Talking: Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special - "Wild Blue Yonder"

Season 6
37m | Dec 3, 2023

🌌 Hold on tight, Whovians! Michael and Maggie are back on "Who's Talking," and this time they're taking the TARDIS for a spin into the second of Doctor Who's 60th Anniversary Specials, "Wild Blue Yonder"! 🚀 Get ready for a timey-wimey adventure filled with thrills, chills, and, of course, puns that are out of this world!

🎙️ Episode Highlights:

🌟 Join the dynamic duo as they dissect the twists and turns of "Wild Blue Yonder" - what new mysteries await the Doctor and companions?

🌟 Prepare for laughter as Michael and Maggie share their thoughts on the pun-tastic moments that add a unique flavor to this special anniversary episode.

🌟 Speculations and predictions are on the agenda as they discuss the future of our beloved Time Lord and their companions.

🚀 Connect with the Hosts:

🔗 Michael's Twitter: Follow @thoroughlyme for more Doctor Who insights and delightful banter.

🔗 Maggie's Twitter: Stay tuned to @peggylou14 for her take on "Wild Blue Yonder" and other fandom adventures.

👂 Tune in for a lively conversation filled with excitement, analysis, and the perfect blend of humor. Don't forget to subscribe to "Who's Talking" for more Doctor Who content, and hit the notification bell so you never miss a fantastic episode!

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