Bold Statements (Not So) Bold Predictions

Keith and Trey host this brand new take on sports podcasting!

The guys discuss NBA topics in the mold of PTI, giving each one a certain amount of time. The only difference is that each host has the ability to call "BS" on something the other host says. The host that has had BS called on them then has to come up with a prediction on the spot in order to defend their stance, and either host is rewarded points based on the eventual outcome.

The hosts will also offer "locks" or betting advice about different games or outcomes, with reasoning, on each show. There is a points system and record keeping for each host and guest, essentially making it a "game" that we play each time we air.


Western Conference BPI Projections
Show Details1hr 24min
Birthday BP!
Show Details1hr 5min
The Secret Over/Under
Show Details34min 18s
Friday Night Live!
Show Details1hr 18min
Jokic Versus Markieff! Wednesday Betting Locks
Show Details49min 52s
Da Bulls
Show Details1hr 16min
Dame Time?
Show Details32min 23s
Morning Rant
Show Details34min 27s
The Celtics Show!
Show Details1hr 15min
Early Season Surprises
Show Details37min 41s
BSBP is Fit for a King!
Show Details42min 6s
NBA Season First Takes!
Show Details1hr 7min
Morning Edition, Thursday!
Show Details34min 11s
NBA Season Eve Eve
Show Details1hr 3min
Preseason Buy/Sell
Show Details1hr 8min
7 Seconds or Less
Show Details59min 45s
A Conversation on Statistics with Andrew Patton from the DARKO Project
Show Details1hr 29min
Western Conference Win Totals, Coach and Defensive Player of the Year Odds
Show Details55min 43s
Western Conference Win Totals Part 1
Show Details59min 6s
Eastern Conference Season Win Totals Part 2 & Most Improved Player
Show Details42min 26s
Eastern Conference Win Totals, Part 1
Show Details52min 34s
Player Comparisons and Our First BS Bet
Show Details25min 33s
A Brand New Battle Pod Begins!
Show Details31min 33s