True Crime Tokes

Murder, mystery, Mary J - what more could you want? Welcome to True Crime Tokes. Join hosts Sarah and Zack as they unwind from their day with a quick hit, followed by some true crime talk. Each episode will focus on one of the many unsolved mysteries of the world - from murders to ghosts stories to myths and legends. Sarah comes prepared with the story, and Zack comes prepared with the goods. Sit back, grab a joint, and get ready to talk about some creepy sh*t.


Episode 8: The Missing Sodder Children
Show Details30min 39s
Episode 7b: D.B. Cooper
Show Details18min 28s
Episode 7a: D.B. Cooper
Show Details14min 36s
Episode 6: Dorothy Jane Scott
Show Details19min 30s
Episode 5: The Missing Boys of Caledon
Show Details18min 31s
M4M&M: Melissa Ivy Chaboyer
Show Details4min 56s
Episode 4: The Circleville Writer
Show Details16min 38s
Episode 3: The Moonlight Murders
Show Details24min 24s
Episode 2: The Body on Somerton Beach
Show Details19min 53s
Episode 1: The Chicago Tylenol Murders
Show Details17min 24s
Trailer: Welcome to True Crime Tokes
Show Details36s